Post image for Seeing the Deterioration of Technology in Thomas Struth’s Photographs

BERLIN — Thomas Struth’s current exhibit at the Martin-Gropius-Bau is compact yet compelling.

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Dismantling the Myths of Sports

by Gretta Louw on August 19, 2016

Post image for Dismantling the Myths of Sports

BERLIN — Today, more than ever, athletes are presented as role models.

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Post image for Architecture’s Impenetrable Imagery and Rarely Seen Machinery

BERLIN — The interplay of flatness and dimensionality in Franka Hörnschemeyer’s site-specific installations yields images seemingly more penetrable than the adjacent structures.

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Post image for Germany’s Leading Art Prize Sets a Museum in Motion

BERLIN — The prestigious Preis der Nationalgalerie, considered the German equivalent of the Turner Prize, was inaugurated in 2000 and recognizes artists under the age of 40 who live and work in Germany, regardless of nationality.

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Post image for Soviet Symbols Going Up and Coming Down

It’s been nearly a quarter century since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but the physical reminders of Central and Eastern Europe’s communist past are still provoking controversy.

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Post image for Publicly Shaming the US’s Top Surveillance Officials with Street Art

New York-based artist Paolo Cirio is chastening key NSA, CIA, and FBI officials involved in the agencies’ surveillance programs by finding and disseminating across the world snapshots of them in informal or intimate contexts.

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Post image for Ephemera from the East German Underground

Through zines sneaked hand-to-hand and punk performances in private apartments, an underground art movement formed beyond the censors in East Germany.

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Post image for Public Display of Gay Men’s Photos, Texts Incites Outcry

BERLIN — When does public, participatory art become predatory?

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An Artist-Turned-Drag Queen Reigns in Berlin

by Stephen Truax on September 18, 2014

Post image for An Artist-Turned-Drag Queen Reigns in Berlin

BERLIN — Fellas, I wanna know if I could talk to ya for just a minute. … Is it okay?

The sultry voice cut through the din of hundreds of people. Chandelier Divine Brown’s lip-synch performance of the 1990s a cappella “Work This Pussy,” by American transgender vocalist Sweet Pussy Pauline, sent the crowd into a frenzy.

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Post image for The Amazing Erotic Art of Dorothy Iannone

As New York Times art critic Roberta Smith has written, we live in the age of the art revival — a time when all sorts of artists are being recovered from their forgotten corners and brought into the art-world limelight.

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