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Through zines sneaked hand-to-hand and punk performances in private apartments, an underground art movement formed beyond the censors in East Germany.

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Post image for Public Display of Gay Men’s Photos, Texts Incites Outcry

BERLIN — When does public, participatory art become predatory?

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An Artist-Turned-Drag Queen Reigns in Berlin

by Stephen Truax on September 18, 2014

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BERLIN — Fellas, I wanna know if I could talk to ya for just a minute. … Is it okay?

The sultry voice cut through the din of hundreds of people. Chandelier Divine Brown’s lip-synch performance of the 1990s a cappella “Work This Pussy,” by American transgender vocalist Sweet Pussy Pauline, sent the crowd into a frenzy.

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Post image for The Amazing Erotic Art of Dorothy Iannone

As New York Times art critic Roberta Smith has written, we live in the age of the art revival — a time when all sorts of artists are being recovered from their forgotten corners and brought into the art-world limelight.

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Post image for 8th Berlin Biennale Curator on Berlin, Contemporary Art, and Gentrification

BERLIN — Juan A. Gaitán is a typical hyphenated global art professional. The Canadian-Colombian independent writer and curator is based in Mexico City and Berlin, and he was chosen to curate the 8th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, which opens today.

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Post image for Gallery Weekend Berlin: Post-poor, Post-sexy

BERLIN — Gallery Weekend Berlin wrapped up its tenth edition on Sunday evening. What began in 2004 as a small group of local gallerists teaming up to lure outside collectors to the “Land of Poor but Sexy” for one weekend has grown from 21 to 50 galleries in the past decade.

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An American Doing Things

by Stephen Truax on April 29, 2014

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BERLIN — Through a quaint garden off the back porch of the main gallery of Haus am Lützowplatz is a small basement gallery filled with video works, handwritten texts, props from performances, sculpture, and other memorabilia by the Louisville-born, Berlin-based artist Brad Downey.

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Is a Hip Home Base Necessary for Good Art?

by Kyle Chayka on November 27, 2012

Post image for Is a Hip Home Base Necessary for Good Art?

In the latest installment in the New York Times Magazine’s excellent Riff column, Robert F. Coleman recounts the story of how his band moved to Berlin, that well-known utopia of artists and creativity, and promptly failed.

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Post image for Berlin Shuts Down Tacheles, DIY Artistic Holdout from the Bygone Days

Berlin’s famous Tacheles, a sprawling art center housed in a former department store, was effectively shut down this week, as the owner of the building, HSH Nordbank, moves forward with plans to sell it.

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Post image for No Room for Old Masters in Berlin

Berlin wants to move a trove of Old Masters paintings to make way for a collection of surrealist art. Jeffrey Hamburger has started a petition in protest.

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