Betty Cuningham Gallery


Crude Beauty and Wordsworthian Grandeur

by Patrick Neal on October 20, 2014

Stanley Lewis at Betty Cuningham Gallery

The artist Stanley Lewis draws and paints the landscapes closest to him, places where he works, teaches, and travels like nearby lakes and roadsides in Chautauqua, New York, or his backyard and studio window views in Leeds, Massachusetts.

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Jake Berthot Doesn’t Need To Be Original

by John Yau on November 17, 2013

Post image for Jake Berthot Doesn’t Need To Be Original

For the past twenty years Jake Berthot has painted his vision of the Catskill Mountains, where he has lived since 1994, after living in Manhattan, much of it on the Bowery, for thirty years. A painter of what he calls “small sensations,” Berthot has included fourteen paintings and six drawings completed in the last three years, in his current solo exhibition at Betty Cuningham (October 17–November 30, 2013).

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Post image for Painting Is a Metaphor: An Interview with Rackstraw Downes

Rackstraw Downes’s recent paintings are currently on view at Betty Cuningham Gallery. Born in 1939 in Kent, England, Downes now lives between New York City and Presidio, Texas. Well known for his panoramic landscapes, Downes works for months on site in both urban and rural surroundings. He is often described as a realist but this term is perhaps better applied to his subject matter than his technique.

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