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What a Show About Masks Might Really Be Disguising

by Seph Rodney on September 12, 2016

Post image for What a Show About Masks Might Really Be Disguising

Masks present a quandary. It’s not so much what they’re hiding that I wonder about, but what the camouflage or costuming is meant to produce in me.

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Post image for In Brooklyn, a Forum Focuses the Fight Against Displacement

The road that led to last week’s Brooklyn Community Forum on Anti-Gentrification and Displacement at the Brooklyn Museum was long and winding, but its starting point is very clear.

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Post image for The Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth Sackler on Mass Incarceration and the Role of Activist Art

At the Brooklyn Museum in June, Elizabeth Sackler read from James Baldwin’s “An Open Letter to My Sister, Miss Angela Davis.”

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Post image for Air Conditioner Outage Shuts Down Brooklyn Museum for the Weekend

It appears this week’s summer heat in New York has impacted the art world, as the Brooklyn Museum just announced it will be closed this weekend because of an “air-conditioning outage.”

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Post image for A Brooklyn Museum App Encourages Visitors to Ask Questions

In May, the Brooklyn Museum launched the new Android version of its ASK app, a mobile application that enables visitors to interact with the museum’s audience engagement staff in real time.

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Post image for A Photo Exhibition About Israel and the West Bank that Chooses Sides

On the heels of last Saturday’s protest at the Brooklyn Museum, a more careful examination of one of the two exhibitions targeted by the protesters is in order.

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Post image for Faced with Brooklyn Museum Inaction, Protesters Target Two Exhibitions

Close to 100 artists and activists staged a protest at the Brooklyn Museum yesterday afternoon in response to displacement — both in Brooklyn and Palestine.

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Post image for Brooklyn Museum’s Activist Art Show Is a Messy Collision of Curation and Politics

Agitprop! ought to be an outstanding exhibition of politically engaged art. A feverish amalgam of historic and contemporary artwork, the exhibition is undermined by an ambitious but poorly executed curatorial strategy.

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Post image for Thrills, Fantasy, and Nightmares in 150 Years of Art Inspired by Coney Island

Coney Island has a history as dizzying as any of the roller coasters, carousels, sideshows, and other frenetic attractions that have operated on its piece of Brooklyn shore.

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Post image for Fashioning an Identity for a Puerto Rican Painter on the Cusp of Modernism

The current exhibition of paintings by Francisco Oller at the Brooklyn Museum is a provocative and difficult show — a collision of curatorial strategies and recalcitrant artwork that defies the interpretive armature.

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