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Post image for Hyperallergic’s ‘Crossing Brooklyn’ ArtTalks Tackle Alternative Economies, Performance/Activism, and More

Earlier this month, the Brooklyn Museum opened Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond, a survey exhibition featuring 35 Brooklyn-based artists. In order to build upon the show’s themes, Hyperallergic has partnered with the borough’s foremost museum to organize three of our signature ArtTalks on the topics of Alternative Economies, Performance and Activism, and Geography and Place.

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Post image for A Survey of Art from Across Brooklyn

Today, the Brooklyn Museum held a preview for Crossing Brooklyn: Art from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and Beyond, a survey of more than 100 artworks by 35 artists (or artist groups) who live or work in Brooklyn.

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Swoon’s Underwater Fairy Tale

by Hrag Vartanian on August 22, 2014

Swoon's Submerged Motherlands

In one of the largest galleries at the Brooklyn museum, the artist Swoon has erected Submerged Motherlands, a colorful installation cloaked in the language of fairy tale and myth.

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Brooklyn Museum postcard

Starting September 3, the Brooklyn Museum will be free for visitors under 20.

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Post image for The Birth and Education of Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago, arguably the world’s best known Feminist artist, continues to fiercely divide opinion. Her detractors accuse her work of being simplistic and singleminded, while loyalists praise her unwavering activism. The artist has fostered a reputation for being independent and uncompromising.

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Post image for What We Talk About When We Talk About Art Online

“Thank you guys for coming,” Alexis Clements said last Thursday night to a small crowd at the Brooklyn Museum largely comprised of women. “Actually, I shouldn’t say ‘guys,’” she interrupted herself, “Thank you all for coming.” That introduction set the tone for a panel that the playwright, performer, and Hyperallergic contributor moderated, called “The Art of Feeling: Contemporary Arts Writing and the Internet.”

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Post image for The Private Life of Lorraine Hansberry: Letters, Lists, and Conversations

What excited me about the small exhibition currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum featuring a sampling of letters and lists from the writer Lorraine Hansberry — along with a wonderful audio recording of a conversation between her and Studs Terkel — was the way in which it showcased her voracious intellect.

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Post image for Single Point Perspective: Dead Man Rising

Viewing the WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY show currently at the Brooklyn Museum offers a test of emotional restraint as well as the inclination to aestheticize. If the number of images is daunting, the sum of human pain on display registers as a body blow.

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Post image for Is Wikipedia the Next Frontier for Museums?

Last year, Alexandra Thom spent ten illustrious months on Wikipedia. Thom, with a grant from the Kress Foundation, helped fill the gaps about art and culture on Wikipedia using the collection of the Brooklyn Museum and the expertise of its curatorial department.

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Post image for The Utopian Vision of Jean Paul Gaultier

Sailor stripes, corsets, and men’s skirts are not just the cheeky trademarks of a brilliant designer, but tools for a deeper excavation of culture.

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