There’s something about pristine, mountainous landscapes that has inspired some of the tackiest public monuments in recent decades.

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Making Art from Life in Palestine

by Nashwa Khan on December 30, 2014

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MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Rehab Nazzal’s exhibition Visible, curated by Stuart Keeler at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, had me sitting and crying for hours.

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Post image for Canada Denies Travel Visa for Afghan Artist

The Canadian government has denied the Afghan artist Hanifa Alizada a visa to travel to the country, where she was due to speak and show her work at “The Shrinking World of Photography” symposium next month.

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Butterflies Make Art

by Laura C. Mallonee on August 25, 2014

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Every winter, Monarch butterflies retreat to Central Mexico to spend the chilly months hibernating in the trees. But in the past decade, deforestation, pesticides, and climate change have threatened their journey.

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Sadaf Foroughi peep box

Canadian Border Services have barred Iranian-born filmmaker Sadaf Foroughi from bringing an artwork into Canada because of the country’s sanctions against Iran, the Globe and Mail reported.

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Post image for Ontario Reins In Unpaid Magazine Internships

The Ontario provincial government has begun cracking down on unpaid internships at magazines, shutting down programs at The Walrus, Toronto Life, Fashion Magazine, and Quill & Quire, the Toronto Star reported.

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Post image for Bad Book News: Libraries Burned in Lebanon, Dismantled in Canada

Arsonists torched a historic and beloved library in Tripoli, while the Canadian government has gutted its science libraries.

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Post image for Canada, the Country that Dare Not Speak Its Name

NORTH ADAMS, Massachusetts — Framed on the faux-log-cabin wall of Kent Monkman’s piece “Two Kindred Spirits” (which depicts the American western characters of Tonto and the Lone Ranger as lovers in a sort of Horatio/Hamlet life-sized diorama death scene) is a hand-embroidered phrase: “The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name.” This Oscar Wildean quotation also encapsulates the ever-nuanced Canada/U.S. relationship, and may give us a clue as to what’s really up with our neighbor to the north.

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blank book

The Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) is forcing students to buy an art history book for $180 — which wouldn’t be unheard of, but the catch is that the publishers of this book didn’t get any of the image rights for the artwork it includes. To reiterate, that’s an art history survey without any pictures. WTF.

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Post image for Learning to Be Canadian Through Art

As an Armenian Canadian living in New York for over a decade, I’m conflicted when it comes to the idea of Canada Day … the question of what it mean to be Canadian pops up now and again.

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