Carlos Motta

Post image for In an Artist’s Video Project, Getting to Know Trans and Intersex Activists

A project by artist Carlos Motta to interview and document the work of transgender and intersex activists recently went public, in the form of an online archive.

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Photo Essays

AA Bronson’s Garden of Queer Delights

by Mark Sheerin on September 9, 2013

Post image for AA Bronson’s Garden of Queer Delights

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands — Nothing says mystery like an invite-only launch featuring a performance piece scheduled for one minute past midnight.

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Post image for AA Bronson and Carlos Motta to Speak at Hyperallergic’s Wed Aug 21 ArtTalk

On Wednesday, August 21, Hyperallergic will be hosting our next ArtTalk featuring artists AA Bronson and Carlos Motta at The Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The topic for that evening’s discussion and conversation is “The Body, Spirit, Sex, Community, Magic, and the Other.”

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I’m going to start this essay with the conclusion. Why should we be looking for different ways of thinking about and living in the world? Because many of the dominant political social, and intellectual structures that currently underpin our society have proven themselves to be colossally flawed, so we need to begin looking for different ways of doing and thinking about things.

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