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In a sensational front page story, today’s New York Times announces what the art world has long known: “Qatari Riches Are Buying Art World Influence.” Yes, the Qataris — and other Gulf monarchs — are rapidly amassing a motherlode of contemporary art, and in the process likely driving up art prices worldwide.

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Post image for Shocker of the Day: Qatar World’s Biggest Contemporary Art Buyer

You may know Qatar as the home of Al Jazeera but this small kingdom in the Persian Gulf is proving itself a major contemporary art buyer, according to the Art Newspaper.

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Post image for Met Museum Raises Admission Prices That We Don’t Pay

The Metropolitan Museum is raising its suggested admission prices for adults from $20 to $25, reports the New York Times. Good thing we’ll still be paying the ticket price with whatever change we have in our back pockets.

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NEA Now Funds Video Games

by Kyle Chayka on May 9, 2011

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The National Endowment for the Arts now funds a hotly-debated form of art: video games. With the newly designated “Arts in Media” program, $10,000 to $200,000 grants from the organization can now be used to fund the production of digital games, multimedia art work and interactive applications.

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Post image for Budget Cuts May Kill a $9.5 Million Art Grant Program

The list of domestic spending cuts for the new national budget announced by the US government this morning includes $13 million in funding cuts for both the NEA and the NEH, but that’s just the start of the damage. $8.5 million has been cut from the NGA budget, and reduced funding to a program that supports Washington’s private artistic organizations by 75 percent.

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Post image for Will a Government Shutdown Close DC Museums?

This weekend, the usually free National Gallery of Art might not be. In fact, it could not be open at all. With the possibility of a government shutdown looming as a result of disagreements between Democrats and Republicans over the national budget, public museums may be the first institutions to close their doors at the end of this week.

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Jen Bekman’s Zombie Army

by Kyle Chayka on March 24, 2011

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Watch your back, art world. There’s a dark force quietly building on the margins, slowly growing strong on a diet of cheap print editions and Tumblr posts. Yes, it’s Jen Bekman’s Zombie Army, and they’re here to EAT YOUR BRAINS sell you art!

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How Can Art Writing Exist Online?

by Kyle Chayka on March 2, 2011

Post image for How Can Art Writing Exist Online?

Even after the website’s sale to AOL for $315 million, Huffington Post still declines to pay its volunteer bloggers. In reaction, Post contributors from art sites ArtScene and Visual Art Source have announced a “strike” against writing for the website. The action begs the question, how can art writing remain viable online?

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WTF is… an Art Fair?

by Kyle Chayka on February 28, 2011

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Okay, so, this week is New York City’s art fair week. This may sound like a carnival replete with Ferris wheels, clowns and cotton candy, but it’s not, at least in the literal sense. An art fair is like a carnival in that there’s a lot of excess noise, visual information and people yelling over each other. But an art fair is actually a clearinghouse for art works, a pow-wow of dealers, galleries, curators and collectors that’s part tribe meeting and part shopping mall. n the US, the major players are basically Art Basel Miami Beach, a sister fair of Art Basel founded in 2002 occurring annually every December, and New York City’s Armory Show, founded in 1994 and taking place in March.

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New York City Museums, For Free

by Kyle Chayka on February 24, 2011

Post image for New York City Museums, For Free

Website I Heart NY Museums by programmer Dan Nguyen is a super useful online mash-up of New York City museum data that shows you when each museum has admission-free hours. With this schedule, it’s easy to plan an exhibition itinerary that won’t leave you blowing $20 at MoMA.

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