Post image for “Je Suis (in Solidarity with but Uncomfortable About) Charlie”

The day after the Charlie Hebdo attack I was in line at a public notary’s office in São Paulo. The local news, playing on a flat-screen TV intended to placate those of us waiting for an official stamp on this or that official document, showed footage of the massacre.

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Post image for A Response to the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack, from an Arab, Artist, and Frenchman

I was sitting in my office on Wednesday morning when I learned with surprise, stupor, and fear of the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attack.

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Post image for How Tania Bruguera’s Free Speech Performance Was Mishandled, and Misreported, in Cuba

At 3pm on Tuesday, December 30, Cuban artist Tania Bruguera’s participatory performance “Tatlin’s Whisper #6” was scheduled to take place in the Plaza de la Revolución in Havana.

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Post image for Artist Tania Bruguera Allegedly Detained in Cuba Over Public Performance [UPDATED]

The artist Tania Bruguera has likely been detained by Cuban authorities who prevented her from staging a performance yesterday in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución, according to multiple media reports and the artist’s sister.

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Post image for City Councilmen Cry “Porn” Over Pregnant Nude at MOCA Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, may be stuck in the 19th century, because an image of a reclining, nude woman on view at a local museum has local politicians hot and bothered.

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Artists Redraw Their Own Books

by Daniel Larkin on December 1, 2014

Post image for Artists Redraw Their Own Books

Some unique artist books are currently on view at Christie’s in New York.

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Diane Ducruet,

A photograph of a mother and her young daughter embracing has been removed from a gallery exhibition in Paris after seven anonymous letters prompted the gallerist and the director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) to censor the work.

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Post image for Matchbox Artwork Sparks Censorship Calls at Madrid Museum

International museum associations have come to the defense of Spain’s Reina Sofia museum after a provocative artwork drew fire from church groups.

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John Curtin College of the Arts

Two art students in their final year at the John Curtin College of the Arts in Perth, Western Australia, got an unexpected lesson in institutional politics after their paintings were censored in a student exhibition.

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Post image for Artist Acquitted of Obscenity, but Chill of Censorship Endures

MELBOURNE, Australia — Earlier this week, fifteen months after police raided and destroyed artist Paul Yore’s installation “Everything is Fucked” (2013), magistrate Amanda Chambers dismissed all charges against the artist and ordered the police to pay the costs of shutting down his exhibition.

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