Post image for Guggenheim in Brouhaha Over Bellicose Bilbao Banner [UPDATED]

A building owner in Bilbao, Spain, will remove a large artwork made by artists Mike Bouchet and Paul McCarthy from public display after pressure from the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The digital print on vinyl banner features inverted images of the Bilbao institution embellished by the artists to look like warships.

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Post image for Transmediale Festival Shuts Down NSA Imitators

Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev, two artists participating in Berlin’s Transmediale 2014 (January 29–February 2), had an artwork summarily disabled at the festival last month because the piece uses the same technology as the National Security Agency (NSA) to hijack cell phone information.

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Post image for The End of Men: “Self-Censorship” on Facebook Edition

A new study analyzing 3.9 million English-speaking Facebook users has concluded that 71% of status updates are “self-censored” — that is, modified prior to posting.

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Post image for Sheriff Orders Removal of Sculptures Deemed “Possible Weapons”

Found-object sculptures that were on view in a government building in Morristown, New Jersey, have been removed, after the local sheriff decided that they were “possible weapons to be used against the public.”

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Facebook Is for Moms

by Alicia Eler on July 3, 2013

Post image for Facebook Is for Moms

CHICAGO — There is a set of culturally acceptable ways for mothers to be and behave in the world. Mothers aren’t allowed to have their own lives or be sexual; in essence, they’re not allowed to be human beings. When an artist who’s also a mother crosses these lines, people often react in ways that are predictable yet simultaneously a grim reflection on where we still stand culturally in regards to women and feminism.

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Post image for The New Digital Puritans: Social Network Censorship #NSFW

Reuben Negron, an artist who lives and works in Connecticut and New York, is best known for his realistic watercolor depictions of intimate moments, ranging from the raw to the vulnerable. His scenes often give me the impression of looking in a mirror. Negron’s series This House of Glass, “an intimate exposé on what we keep hidden from others – and in many cases, what we hide from ourselves,” and Dirty Dirty Love, an exploration of “sex, sexuality and identity as concepts … [through] interactions with individuals and couples in domestic and private settings,” were both shown as separate solo exhibitions at Like the Spice Gallery in Brooklyn.

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Post image for The Man Who Led 1990s Art Censorship Scandal Is Running for NYC Mayor

The name Joseph J. Lhota may not be a household one (yet), but the current Republican mayoral candidate has done a lot in his time in New York City politics. Art worlders may remember him as the man who led the Giuliani administration’s push to bully the Brooklyn Museum into censoring an artwork from the Sensation exhibition.

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Post image for Did Chicago Public Schools Ban a Classic Graphic Novel?

In a strange and troubling move that looks suspiciously like censorship, Chicago Public Schools have removed Persepolis, a classic graphic novel that tells the story of author Marjane Satrapi’s coming-of-age in Iran, from all seventh-grade classrooms.

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Post image for Michelangelo’s David Is Too Hot for Japan

Okuizumo, Japan, stands paralyzed by an icon of Western art. A 16-foot-high replica of Michelangelo’s triumphant David sculpture was installed in the middle of a public park in the southern Japanese town, but locals think it might be a little bit too public.

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Post image for We Got Facebook Censored

I suppose it was only a matter of time, but yesterday, it finally happened: Hyperallergic was Facebook censored.

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