Post image for Artist Acquitted of Obscenity, but Chill of Censorship Endures

MELBOURNE, Australia — Earlier this week, fifteen months after police raided and destroyed artist Paul Yore’s installation “Everything is Fucked” (2013), magistrate Amanda Chambers dismissed all charges against the artist and ordered the police to pay the costs of shutting down his exhibition.

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What, Exactly, Is Censorship?

by Mostafa Heddaya on September 30, 2014

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Last week, the controversial production “Exhibit B” was canceled by the City of London’s Barbican Centre, which issued a statement decrying the “profoundly troubling” protests that “silence artists and performers.”

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Post image for China Blocks Instagram Amid Censorship of Hong Kong Protests

China has blocked Instagram, various media outlets are reporting, after monitoring sites like Blocked in China and Great Fire were unable to access it.

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Post image for Long-Running Moscow Art Fair Canceled

A key Russian contemporary art fair has been canceled in its 18th year, and appears unlikely to return, The Art Newspaper reported.

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Li Xianting at police station

The 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival was not held last weekend as planned. The modest but increasingly vital festival, a rare incubator for a burgeoning Chinese independent film scene, was shut down on Saturday, August 23, by government authorities, the Associated Press reported.

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Post image for Police Cut Images from Artwork over Kiddie Porn Concerns

In an ongoing case, Australian artist Paul Yore is facing child pornography charges following complaints concerning his work in a group show on view last year at Melbourne’s Linden Centre of Contemporary Arts.

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Post image for University of Chicago Whitewashes Commissioned Mural, Artists Claim Censorship

The University of Chicago whitewashed a mural created by visiting artists to the school without consulting the artists or the organizer of their visit. The school says the mural was painted over in response to complaints from local residents in the neighborhood where it was painted, but the artists involved are calling it censorship.

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Post image for A Secret Film Smuggled Out into the World

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi continues to make movies. Caged in his perverse, Kafkaesque “larger prison,” Panahi faces a 20-year ban by the Iranian government on filmmaking, international travel, and interviews.

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Post image for South Carolina Legislature Penalizes Colleges for Teaching Gay-Themed Books

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has approved an item in the state’s 2014–15 budget that forces two public colleges to spend a combined nearly $70,000 on teaching the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist papers as punishment for assigning students “gay-themed books,” the Chronicle of Higher Education reported.

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Post image for Your Concise Guide to Social Media’s Female Nipple Policies

What is it about women’s bare nipples that gets social media platforms so riled up? In the past months countless images have been removed from Instagram and Facebook because of their inclusion of female nipples while shirtless men and graphic violence remain uncensored.

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