Post image for On a Block in Chicago, a Participatory Project Visualizes Jail Data

CHICAGO — It was a broiling Midwestern day, the kind Chicago is famous for.

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Post image for Chicago Mayor Flattered, Kapoor Even Madder, as “Cloud Gate”-Gate Continues

Officials in Karamay, China, have not announced plans to remove a blatant copy of Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” that opens to the public this month, which means “Cloud Gate”–gate is far from over.

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Post image for A Poor Man’s Kapoor: China Unveils Knockoff of Chicago’s Bean

An immense sculpture in China is nearing completion, and it bears a striking resemblance to Chicago’s most famous work of public art.

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Post image for Fabrics Stained with Colonial Blues

CHICAGO — It is the duality of indigo’s beauty and its intimate connection with human degradation that artist Jovencio de la Paz explores in his current exhibition of batik works.

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Post image for A Woman’s Holography Museum Is Saved from Destruction

Destruction or piecemeal sale seemed the ultimate fate of Chicago’s hologram museum, until the announcement on June 7 that its entire holdings were acquired by Chicago Holography Museum Rescue Mission through an anonymous benefactor.

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Painting with Toxic Sludge

by Allison Meier on March 26, 2015

Post image for Painting with Toxic Sludge

To experiment with an alternative method for remediation, a scientist and an artist are collaborating on turning the acid runoff from Ohio’s abandoned coal mines into pigments.

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Post image for Obama’s Presidential Library May Gobble Up Historic Chicago Parkland

Is it wrong to commandeer space intended for public enjoyment to bolster a political legacy?

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Post image for Is the School of the Art Institute of Chicago Really Giving Kanye West an Honorary Doctorate? [UPDATED]

In a recent interview with the French design blog Clique, noted college dropout Kanye West claimed that he is “getting an honorary doctorate on May 5th from the Art Institute of Chicago.”

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Reading Between the Lines

by Philip A Hartigan on February 4, 2015

Post image for Reading Between the Lines

CHICAGO — The first thing that strikes you about Randi Russo’s show of paintings at Thomas Masters Gallery is the lines, swirling and looping around every canvas like an automatic drawing taken to an extreme degree.

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Post image for Chicago Park Advocates Fight ‘Star Wars’ Museum with the Force (of the Law)

“The Preservationists Strike Back” could be the title for the latest episode in the saga of Star Wars director George Lucas’s planned $300 million Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts on the Lake Michigan waterfront in Chicago.

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