Post image for The Curious Thing about #Hashtags

The new web series #Hashtag follows the lives of young queer women in Chicago whose dating patterns and attractions are significantly affected by the technologies that they use and, at times, abuse.

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Post image for From Outside to Inside on Chicago’s North Side

CHICAGO — Outsider art is an overused, perhaps even misused, term. By a strict definition it refers to someone who makes art outside the official and even unofficial milieu in which artists get training, education, and exhibitions.

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Post image for Demise of Landmark Hospitals Bodes Ill in Chicago

Few cities can rival Chicago for architectural masterpieces, but the past year hasn’t been stellar for preservation. Destruction of the Brutalist Prentice Women’s Hospital started in October, and last week a demolition permit was granted for the mid-century modern Cuneo Memorial Hospital.

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Making Art in the Midwest

by Alicia Eler on December 20, 2013

Post image for Making Art in the Midwest

CHICAGO — The Midwest is no place for haters, slackers, and anyone who can’t admit that they secretly love hot dogs and regularly daydream about living on a farm, or at least somewhere in the woods.

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Post image for Sculptural Remnants and Re-creations of Jimmy Page

CHICAGO — Led Zeppelin, man — they were so before my time. Arguably the inventors of heavy metal, the band reached their height of fame in the early 1970s with the song “Stairway to Heaven” on their untitled fourth album. Through the works of artist Karolina Gnatowski, now on view in the artist’s solo exhibition Lined Pages at Lloyd Dobler Gallery, contemporary viewers can experience forms and images of Led Zeppelin’s guitarist, Jimmy Page.

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Post image for Cursed Meteorite, Giant Octopus Models, and Other World’s Fair Wonders

The Columbian Exposition of 1893 is almost impossible to imagine: a spectacle of 200 gleaming white neoclassical buildings on over 600 acres in Chicago, a temporary city whose main purpose was instilling a sense of wonder with the world.

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Photo Essays

A Psychedelic Cave Blooms in Chicago

by Alicia Eler on September 17, 2013

Post image for A Psychedelic Cave Blooms in Chicago

CHICAGO — If a tree grows in Brooklyn, a cave populated by neon flora ‘n fauna blooms in Chicago by way of New Mexico.

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Post image for A New Vision for Chicago’s Oldest Feminist Gallery

CHICAGO — The feminist art space Woman Made Gallery (WMG) is shifting its vision to one that focuses on feminism and feminist art-making as it relates to class, ethnicity and age.

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Post image for A Midsummer Group Show Dream

CHICAGO — As we settle into midway-through-summer mode here in the city that does sleep sometimes, we spend more time hanging at the beach, BBQing with friends and generally chillaxing. With this slowing down of general movement comes the proliferation of — wait for it! — the summer group show.

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Post image for In Chicago, an Art Crawl on Steroids

CHICAGO — There was an art walk last Thursday evening in the River North district, an area with many upscale, decades-old galleries that some may consider conservative. Paintings and sculptures with big price tags on them shared the space with musicians, visiting speakers, and a musico-theatrical performance, while outside on the streets there were temporary installations on the sidewalks, paintings in a truck parked underneath the L tracks, and a work in progress by a street artist who had propped a wood panel against a big steel pillar.

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