Post image for A Performance in Chicago Reimagines Caesar’s Bridge

I think of the stage as a bridge upon which our imagination can be embodied.

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Post image for A Performance Artist Draws with His Teeth

Tomorrow at noon, visual and performing artist Tony Orrico will sit down at an eight-by-eight-foot sheet of paper and begin to chew.

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Post image for From Emoticon to Ellen Degeneres, an Index of the Most Popular Wikipedia Articles

CHICAGO — According to Jason Salavon’s “The Master Index (Semaphore),” we are all a little more interested in Kanye West than masturbation.

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Post image for How a Set of Rediscovered 19th-Century Japanese Doors Leads to Frank Lloyd Wright

Last week, a trio of late-19th-century Japanese sliding door paintings, originally believed to be missing or destroyed, finally emerged after years spent hidden in a Chicago Park District storage facility.

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Post image for On a Block in Chicago, a Participatory Project Visualizes Jail Data

CHICAGO — It was a broiling Midwestern day, the kind Chicago is famous for.

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Post image for Chicago Mayor Flattered, Kapoor Even Madder, as “Cloud Gate”-Gate Continues

Officials in Karamay, China, have not announced plans to remove a blatant copy of Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” that opens to the public this month, which means “Cloud Gate”–gate is far from over.

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Post image for A Poor Man’s Kapoor: China Unveils Knockoff of Chicago’s Bean

An immense sculpture in China is nearing completion, and it bears a striking resemblance to Chicago’s most famous work of public art.

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Post image for Fabrics Stained with Colonial Blues

CHICAGO — It is the duality of indigo’s beauty and its intimate connection with human degradation that artist Jovencio de la Paz explores in his current exhibition of batik works.

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Post image for A Woman’s Holography Museum Is Saved from Destruction

Destruction or piecemeal sale seemed the ultimate fate of Chicago’s hologram museum, until the announcement on June 7 that its entire holdings were acquired by Chicago Holography Museum Rescue Mission through an anonymous benefactor.

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Painting with Toxic Sludge

by Allison Meier on March 26, 2015

Post image for Painting with Toxic Sludge

To experiment with an alternative method for remediation, a scientist and an artist are collaborating on turning the acid runoff from Ohio’s abandoned coal mines into pigments.

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