Post image for Ai Weiwei Splits a 400-Year-Old Temple Between Two Beijing Galleries

BEIJING — Between two Beijing galleries, Ai Weiwei has divided a 400-year-old temple’s 1,500 worn, wooden pieces.

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Big Brother Is Bugging Ai Weiwei

by Carey Dunne on October 5, 2015

Post image for Big Brother Is Bugging Ai Weiwei

“There’s always a surprise,” Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei wrote on Instagram yesterday, captioning a photograph of a surveillance device he found hidden in his studio after returning to Beijing from his first trip overseas in four years.

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Post image for Found Photographs Show How Couples Light It Up During Chinese Weddings

There are nearly as many smokers in China as there are Americans in the United States. That staggering statistic might help explain the central role cigarettes play in traditional Chinese weddings.

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Post image for Anish Kapoor Threatens to Sue Over Chinese “Cloud Gate” Copy

Yesterday we noticed that a copy of Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” in Chicago is in the works in Karamay, China, promoted as a giant, stainless steel drop of oil.

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Post image for A Poor Man’s Kapoor: China Unveils Knockoff of Chicago’s Bean

An immense sculpture in China is nearing completion, and it bears a striking resemblance to Chicago’s most famous work of public art.

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Post image for Too Fragile to Open, World’s Oldest Multicolor Printed Book Is Digitized

The 17th-century Manual of Calligraphy and Painting (Shi zhu zhai shu hua pu) is so fragile that until digitization no one was allowed to open it.

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Post image for Surreal Photographs of Chinese Amusement Parks in Hibernation

Italian photographer Stefano Cerio has captured ski resorts at night, empty cruise ships, drained water parks, and, most recently, the uncanny bleakness of China’s off-season amusement parks and other constructed entertainment.

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Post image for What China Doesn’t Want You to See: The Beijing Film Festival Comes to New York

The Beijing Independent Film Festival, organized and supported by the Li Xianting Film Fund, has been chugging along in fits and starts since its humble beginnings in 2004.

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Post image for Sleek New Short by the FBI Warns of Chinese Espionage

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has inspired countless hours of television and cinema, from X-Files to Silence of the Lambs.

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Post image for A Journalist and an Architect Investigate China’s Sway Over Africa

Forty years on, a new arrogance continues to complicate the narrative of Africa as China encroaches — physically, socially, and economically — on its soil.

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