Li Xianting at police station

The 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival was not held last weekend as planned. The modest but increasingly vital festival, a rare incubator for a burgeoning Chinese independent film scene, was shut down on Saturday, August 23, by government authorities, the Associated Press reported.

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Cai Guo-Qiang's

On July 17, a fishing boat traveled down China’s Huangpu River piled with 99 distressed stuffed animals. Camels, pandas, polar bears, leopards, and zebras clung helplessly to the dilapidated hull.

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Post image for The Sound Of Two Borders Dissolving

HONG KONG — Unlike the Berlin Wall, which began with the division of post-World War II spoils, or the Israeli West Bank barrier, which divides parts of Israel and Palestine, the Shenzhen/Hong Kong fence, or “Frontier Closed Area,” has as much security power as wet tissue paper.

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Post image for Two Mythological Creatures Rise from the Castoffs of China’s Construction

The myth of the phoenix casting itself into the flames only to rise up stronger is powerful and monumental, with reverberations of self-sacrifice, destruction, hope, and regeneration. In an installation in the nave of Manhattan’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Chinese artist Xu Bing has realized a pair of these birds from the debris of Beijing construction sites.

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Post image for US-China Import Deal Reveals Limits of Arts Diplomacy

Smuggled antiquities have surfaced everywhere, from midtown Manhattan galleries to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. On January 13, an agreement to prevent looted Chinese antiquities from entering the United States was quietly renewed for another five years, though controversy has now emerged over how valuable it actually is.

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Post image for To Stop the Illegal Ivory Trade, You Have to Stop the Art

China’s destruction of some 6.1 tons of seized ivory earlier this month may have seemed like a small dent in a country where around 70% of the illegal trade is concentrated, but it was an encouraging sway in the right direction.

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Post image for 70% of Ancient Tibetan Town Destroyed by Fire

Nearly 300 houses were destroyed in a major fire that destroyed about two thirds of Dukezong in Shangri-La county on Saturday, January 11. The 1,300-year-old city is a popular tourist destination in the southwest Yunnan province is renowned for its ancient Tibetan town of mostly wooden houses with color decorations and traditional architecture.

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Post image for China Has Almost 4,000 Museums

We’ve been reading about the boom in Chinese museum building for years now, and this week The Economist joins the slew of Western outlets that have reported on the craze. The piece offers an update on the situation, including a look at the latest numbers.

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Post image for Terracotta Daughters: An Army to Battle Gender Imbalance in China

French artist Prune Nourry is exploring this issue of gender selection in China by riffing off of one of its most iconic heritage sites: the Terracotta Warriors.

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Rethinking How We Source Toys

by An Xiao on October 31, 2013

Post image for Rethinking How We Source Toys

SAN FRANCISCO — With increasing frequency, it seems, toys from China provoke controversy.

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