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Post image for Estonian Saunas and Mongolian Knuckle-Bone Shooting Merit Preservation, UNESCO Says

The smoke sauna tradition of Võromaa, Estonia, the cultivation and culture of the argan tree in Morocco, and Askiya dueling debate of Uzbekistan are all now officially recognized as unique parts of the world’s heritage. The traditions are among those UNESCO added to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list at its session last month in Paris, which concluded on November 28.

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Post image for Who Blew Up the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Deir el-Zour?

Fifty days after the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Martyrs’ Memorial Church in Deir el-Zour, Robert Fisk has reported it in the Independent, but his article is riddled with peculiarities, mistakes, and historical inconsistencies.

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The First Shrine of Its Kind in Iraq Is Destroyed

by Sam Hardy on October 31, 2014

Post image for The First Shrine of Its Kind in Iraq Is Destroyed

Nearly a thousand years old — the ‘first of its kind in Iraq’, according to Archnet, and one of the last six standing, according to Iraq Heritage — the distinctive muqarnas-domed mausoleum is now a statistic.

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Post image for Amid Destruction, US Institutions Hold Syria Museums Workshop in Undisclosed Location

As cultural and artistic heritage in Syria continues to face significant losses, two United States institutions have partnered with the Syrian Interim Government’s “Heritage Task Force” to share strategies for mitigating the dangers faced by museums and other sites.

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Post image for Dire Prediction for Heritage Sites in a Future of Rising Waters

If the projections of climate change prove to be true and sea levels rise, there will be harrowing implications for much of human life on the shores. A new study released last week emphasizes the severity of this impact on culture: a whole fifth of the 720 listed UNESCO World Heritage Sites could be lost.

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Post image for Eight Unexpected Traditions Preserved as Our Intangible Culture

It’s hard to preserve those things that are not places or objects, but rather traditions, festivals, ceremonies, or specialized art. For that there is the UNESCO’s Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which includes things as disparate as falconry, oral stories, puppetry, and tightrope walking.

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Post image for What’s Happening to Culture in Europe?

The latest news from Europe this week is that everything is falling apart — at least in terms of arts and culture. And it’s depressing.

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Post image for Over 200 Artworks Missing from Turkish Museum … since 1980?!

The Turkish government has admitted that some 202 artworks are missing from the State Art and Sculpture Museum in Ankara. The Culture and Tourism Ministry waited until last week to release details of a report conducted in 2010, which found that of the 202 missing pieces, 46 objects had been replaced with false replicas, while another 27 works were “highly suspicious.”

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