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Post image for A Patronizing Argument Against Cultural Repatriation

In the past few decades, cultural institutions in the West have increasingly felt pressure to return artifacts acquired through questionable means during the colonial era.

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Post image for Once More, Britain Refuses to Return the Elgin Marbles

In 2013, UNESCO asked the British Museum to let it mediate a deal between it and the government of Greece, which has been calling for the return of the Elgin Marbles with ever-growing fervor for the past 30 years.

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Post image for Syria Has Reputedly Hidden Away 99% of Its Cultural Heritage Artifacts

It’s rare to hear any positive news associated with cultural heritage and Syria these days, but there is a ray of hope.

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Post image for Staff Stole 162 Artifacts from Museum of Macedonia

Last Friday, a judge in the Macedonian capital Skopje convicted six employees at the state-owned Museum of Macedonia of stealing objects from the institution’s collection and selling them abroad through an organized crime ring, AFP reported.

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Post image for Will the Dutch Pay to Fix Bernini Fountain Trashed by Soccer Hooligans?

In advance of soccer teams Feyenoord and AS Roma facing off again tonight, the Dutch Senate has said that its government should pay for the restoration of the Bernini fountain damaged by Feyenoord fans in Rome last week.

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Post image for Dutch Soccer Hooligans Damage Historic Bernini Fountain in Rome

Dutch soccer fans wreaked havoc on Rome over the past two days, damaging a 17th-century fountain designed by Bernini and leaving the city’s historic center strewn with trash.

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Post image for Why Is No One Talking About Libya’s Cultural Destruction?

Over the past few years, Libya has been making archaeology headlines not for the exciting new discoveries there, but for the ruthless cultural destruction.

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Post image for Estonian Saunas and Mongolian Knuckle-Bone Shooting Merit Preservation, UNESCO Says

The smoke sauna tradition of Võromaa, Estonia, the cultivation and culture of the argan tree in Morocco, and Askiya dueling debate of Uzbekistan are all now officially recognized as unique parts of the world’s heritage. The traditions are among those UNESCO added to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list at its session last month in Paris, which concluded on November 28.

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Post image for Who Blew Up the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church in Deir el-Zour?

Fifty days after the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Martyrs’ Memorial Church in Deir el-Zour, Robert Fisk has reported it in the Independent, but his article is riddled with peculiarities, mistakes, and historical inconsistencies.

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The First Shrine of Its Kind in Iraq Is Destroyed

by Sam Hardy on October 31, 2014

Post image for The First Shrine of Its Kind in Iraq Is Destroyed

Nearly a thousand years old — the ‘first of its kind in Iraq’, according to Archnet, and one of the last six standing, according to Iraq Heritage — the distinctive muqarnas-domed mausoleum is now a statistic.

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