Damien Hirst

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Damien Hirst has demanded that an early spot painting be returned to him and destroyed after its current owner sought to sell it, the Daily Telegraph reported.

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Hirst Forgery Juror Speaks

by Mostafa Heddaya on April 18, 2014

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A Florida pastor’s recent conviction for selling forged Damien Hirst spin paintings provided an absurdist twist to the tired art-scam narrative. Witness: a clergyman debunked by Science Ltd. (the name of Hirst’s studio).

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Kevin Sutherland, the Florida pastor on trial for attempting to sell counterfeit Damien Hirst works, has been convicted in New York State Supreme Court. Jurors found Sutherland guilty of attempted grand larceny in the second degree.

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Post image for The Art of Nonfiction with Damien Hirst

Who says you actually have to remember your life to write about it? Damien Hirst has announced he is publishing his autobiography, despite the fact friends say the enfant terrible of enfants terribles (the Young British Artists) can’t remember a 10-year period that began in his 20s, according to the Daily Mail.

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Post image for What Does It Mean to Be a Cultural Disrupter?

Coverage of the visual arts in the New York Times hit a new low last weekend in its Arts & Leisure feature, “The Disrupters,” a roundup of interviews with “people who broke the rules” during 2013, “a year of cultural upheaval.”

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Post image for Moral Distortions: Versailles, Qatar, and Kings

With inadvertent timeliness, a retrospective of the world’s richest artist opened in one of the world’s richest cities in the middle of the run of Robert Polidori’s elegiac photography exhibition, Versailles.

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Post image for The Perils of Public Sculpture in Qatar

Statues: like many things that exist in the world, people sometimes have idiotic opinions about them. Mute and immobile, they are the helpless victims of sad little moralists of all stripes, from Kansas to Qatar.

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Post image for Art and Its Surrogates: Allan McCollum at Petzel Gallery

Allan McCollum is the author of a story describing a character that Damien Hirst embodies.

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Post image for Damien Hirst’s New Studio Complex Is Called “Science”

While his toxic, formaldehyde-based work may not be the most environmentally friendly art production in the world, Damien Hirst’s new personal studio and gallery in Stroud, England — where his team will be plunging ever more creatures into preservatives — is being designed by a small, eco–conscious firm.

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Post image for One of World’s Biggest Art Collectors Charged With Insider Trading

In a statement released earlier this afternoon, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital with supervising, and profiting from, the insider trading of two of his employees. The move followed years of severe scrutiny for the Connecticut-based hedge fund manager and prominent art collector.

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