Damien Hirst

Post image for Keith Haring in Corn, and Other Artistic Thanksgiving Plates

This Thanksgiving, up your plating game and with some artist-inspired dishes courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein.

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Post image for Watch Sculptors, Knitters, and a Bob Ross Marathon on Twitch’s New Art Site

Twitch, the live streaming website that lets millions of viewers follow along as users play their favorite video games — complete with live commentary — has expanded into art.

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Post image for Bells, Bicycles, and Other Monumental Sculptures Land in London’s Financial District

LONDON — For the fifth edition of the Sculpture in the City public art exhibition, towering names in contemporary art like Ai Weiwei, Damien Hirst, and Kris Martin have sculptures alongside the financial district’s skyscrapers.

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Slouching Towards Banksy’s Dismaland

by RJ Rushmore on September 25, 2015

Post image for Slouching Towards Banksy’s Dismaland

WESTON-SUPER-MARE, UK — Someone really should have sent a disgruntled teenager to review Dismaland, the latest Banksy extravaganza: part amusement park, part art exhibition tucked away in an abandoned former resort complex at the British seaside town of Weston-super-Mare.

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Post image for We Painted Famous Artworks with Donald Trump’s Face

Donald Trump came under fire again this week after making some pretty outrageous statements about GOP presidential rival Carly Fiorina’s face, so it’s especially timely that someone on the internet gifted us with “Paint with Donald Trump,” a website that lets you paint with eight of Trump’s most ridiculous expressions.

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When We Fall Out of Love with Artists

by Seph Rodney on September 10, 2015

Post image for When We Fall Out of Love with Artists

What does it say about the character of art audiences when artists who had previously been adored fall out of fashion and have scorn piled on them?

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In Brief

Wanna Work for Damien Hirst?

by Benjamin Sutton on March 11, 2015

Post image for Wanna Work for Damien Hirst?

Are you a photorealist painter? Are you looking for a full-time job? Are you based in (or willing to move to) London or Devon?

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Post image for Luc Tuymans Case Illustrates the Failure of Europe’s Copyright Laws

LONDON — Belgian artist Luc Tuymans, known for his paintings that rework existing photographic source material, has been found guilty of plagiarism in a European court for using a copyrighted photograph as the inspiration for an artwork.

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Post image for Damien Hirst Seeks Destruction of Early Spot Painting

Damien Hirst has demanded that an early spot painting be returned to him and destroyed after its current owner sought to sell it, the Daily Telegraph reported.

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Hirst Forgery Juror Speaks

by Mostafa Heddaya on April 18, 2014

Post image for Hirst Forgery Juror Speaks

A Florida pastor’s recent conviction for selling forged Damien Hirst spin paintings provided an absurdist twist to the tired art-scam narrative. Witness: a clergyman debunked by Science Ltd. (the name of Hirst’s studio).

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