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Post image for An Interactive Timeline of Human History According to Wikipedia

A new data visualization tool called Histography transforms Wikipedia’s entries on historic events into an interactive timeline

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Post image for Two New Data-Mapping Tools Help Us Better Understand the Planet

Two recently launched applications for mapping datasets examine our planet and humanity’s impact on it.

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Post image for Personal Data Surveillance as Modern Portraiture

The constant data collection on our lives, from iPhone usage to subway card swipes, transforms through Laurie Frick’s art into portraiture.

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Post image for Mapping 13 Centuries of English Metaphors

A three-year project from the University of Glasgow’s School of Critical Studies mapped 13 centuries of metaphors in the English language.

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Post image for Follow All the Tech and Trash Orbiting Earth, in Real Time

While humanity has only been launching huge payloads into outer space since the 1950s, with Sputnik breaking into orbit in 1957, a lot of human-made debris and technology now circle the planet.

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Is Now the Bluest Time in Art?

by Allison Meier on April 13, 2015

Post image for Is Now the Bluest Time in Art?

Interpreting the data of 94,526 paintings created between 1800 CE and 2000 CE, Martin Bellander, a PhD student at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, discovered that blue has increased in art while orange has become less common.

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Post image for How to Build a Cocktail, Visualized

Back in 1974, a curious construction-style chart of cocktails was made by some employees of the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

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Post image for Data-Driven Music for the Disharmony of New York’s Income Inequality

As the 2 train travels from Brooklyn through Manhattan up to the Bronx, it journeys along 49 stations of neighborhoods as varied as Flatbush, the Financial District, and Wakefield.

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Post image for A Colorful Compendium of Infographics for Understanding the World Now

From the amount the potential tax revenue from legalizing drugs worldwide to disappearing seed varieties, data journalist David McCandless transforms abstract information into engaging visuals.

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Post image for Photographing Where We Take Our Photographs

An interaction design student has started a project he calls “Location-Based Light Painting,” for which he maps geotagged photos of public spaces that are available online, thus turning our obsession with photography into something tangible.

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