Post image for An Eccentric Visual History of Our Most Basic Shapes

In the 1960s, Italian artist Bruno Munari explored the visual history of the square, circle, and triangle in three books, which Princeton Architectural Press recently compiled.

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Post image for Are You Sitting Down? Meet Archelis, the Wearable Chair of the Future

Archelis, a futuristic new “wearable chair” by Japan’s Hiroaki Nishimura Design, provides workers with a healthy middle ground between deadly all-day sitting and tiring all-day standing.

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The Humble Art of Decorated Paper

by Allison Meier on January 29, 2016

Post image for The Humble Art of Decorated Paper

In April of 1789, a few months before the storming of the Bastille, the paper factory of Jean-Baptiste Réveillon in Paris was taken over by labor protestors, who commandeered the machines to print paper in red, white, and blue.

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Post image for How Graphic Designers Around the World Interpret Shakespeare

When the Globe Theatre along London’s River Thames opened in 1599, a flag depicting Hercules hoisting a globe announced the opening of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

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Post image for A Designer Experiments with Digital Design, After 60 Years of Handcrafted Furniture

Designer Wendell Castle has made a career out of challenging the boundaries that define art and furniture.

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Photo Essays

50 Reinterpretations of the Eames Wire Chair

by Claire Voon on December 10, 2015

Post image for 50 Reinterpretations of the Eames Wire Chair

The French social and education arts organization La Source has partnered with Vitra Design Museum to invite artists, designers, and architects from around France to revisit the classic chair and add their own contemporary twists.

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Post image for Cooper Hewitt Acquires Historic Textile Designed for UN Security Council

With the world still reeling from World War II, a Norwegian architect was tasked with designing one of the most important places of international peace and negotiation.

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Post image for A 23-Foot-Tall Air Filter Is Turning Rotterdam’s Smog into Jewelry

This month, a 23-foot-tall outdoor structure that improves the air quality of the surrounding area landed in Rotterdam.

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Post image for Flickery Nonsense for the Overworked Motion Designer

For motion designers with clients demanding flashy movement that is in fact total nonsense, Vancouver-based art director and motion designer Peter Quinn created a handy set of 100 pre-made fake user interface (UI) animations.

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Post image for Japan Wipes Away Pretentiousness with Art Festival Devoted to Toilets

Relieve yourself of the conventional biennials and triennials of the art world with the first art festival dedicated entirely to bathrooms.

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