Digital Art

Post image for A Museum for the Blocky Graphics of Early Computer Viruses

When the first PC viruses appeared in the 1980s, they not only tampered with machine systems, but also filled the screens of home computers with technicolor text and flashy graphics or animations.

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Post image for Best of 2015: Our Top 10 Works of Internet Art

Unbound to GPS coordinates, internet-based art has no place on these other lists, and since it isn’t fair to neglect the increasing amount of works designed specifically for cyberspace, 2015 welcomes our inaugural Best-of-the-Internet list.

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A Digital Museum That Can Be Viewed IRL

by Jeremy Polacek on December 18, 2015

Post image for A Digital Museum That Can Be Viewed IRL

Like a digital snake eating its tail, digital art now has a (digital) museum it can call home.

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Post image for Virtually Visiting the Harlem Renaissance

When Harlem’s Renaissance Ballroom was demolished this year, the 1920s Jazz Age past of the neighborhood became a little harder to see.

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Post image for A Once Shattered Statue Is Now Part of a Theatrical Experiment at the Metropolitan Museum

How many times is a sculpture sculpted?

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Post image for Explore a Surreal Performance Parody of Google Street View

Over the course of six weeks and with a cast of hundreds, a Belgian theater company seized control of over six miles of streets in the city of Mons to stage surreal spectacles including flying kayakers, crowds of angels, and a taxidermy deer transforming into a donkey.

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Post image for A Digital Waterfall That Illuminates the Threat of Air Pollution

Artist Andrea Polli’s “Particle Falls” is a waterfall of light that changes colors from blue to flaming reds and yellows based on real time air quality data.

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Screenshot of Gallery404

It’s not every day that you get to climb all over classic works for art — unless you’re an unsupervised child — but a new online gallery lets you jump on the Koons and the Warhol.

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Post image for After Blockbuster Kickstarter, Electric Objects Is Appealing to Artists

It’s long been a dream of digital art lovers to easily display internet-based art, so it was no surprise that Electric Objects, a company developing a dedicated high-definition screen and integrated computer to bring art from the internet into the home, quickly blew past its initial Kickstarter goal of $25,000 to raise almost half a million dollars.

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Post image for Wade Guyton and the Post-Media Question

PARIS — A backshift in the Parisian weather, from spring warm sun to cold gray, complemented the opening of Wade Guyton’s back-titled 26 avril – 7 juin 2008 exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel perfectly.

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