Digital Art

Post image for Explore a Surreal Performance Parody of Google Street View

Over the course of six weeks and with a cast of hundreds, a Belgian theater company seized control of over six miles of streets in the city of Mons to stage surreal spectacles including flying kayakers, crowds of angels, and a taxidermy deer transforming into a donkey.

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Post image for A Digital Waterfall That Illuminates the Threat of Air Pollution

Artist Andrea Polli’s “Particle Falls” is a waterfall of light that changes colors from blue to flaming reds and yellows based on real time air quality data.

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Screenshot of Gallery404

It’s not every day that you get to climb all over classic works for art — unless you’re an unsupervised child — but a new online gallery lets you jump on the Koons and the Warhol.

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Post image for After Blockbuster Kickstarter, Electric Objects Is Appealing to Artists

It’s long been a dream of digital art lovers to easily display internet-based art, so it was no surprise that Electric Objects, a company developing a dedicated high-definition screen and integrated computer to bring art from the internet into the home, quickly blew past its initial Kickstarter goal of $25,000 to raise almost half a million dollars.

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Post image for Wade Guyton and the Post-Media Question

PARIS — A backshift in the Parisian weather, from spring warm sun to cold gray, complemented the opening of Wade Guyton’s back-titled 26 avril – 7 juin 2008 exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel perfectly.

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A Journal for Art That’s Purely Digital

by Alicia Eler on January 29, 2014

Post image for A Journal for Art That’s Purely Digital

LOS ANGELES — Artists who work in the digital realm are increasingly gaining recognition with exhibitions, auctions, and biennials. A new artist/writer-led online magazine called NOOART: The Journal of Objectless Art seeks to further the discussion about this type of work.

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Post image for Flowers Grown from the Topography of a Museum

These are flowers grown from a museum, where the colors, textures, and shapes of exhibitions guided each petal, stem, and branch. British designer Daniel Brown has spent a decade creating these generated plants through an algorithm where mathematics and nature overlap.

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A Deep Dive into Digital Art

by Jillian Steinhauer on December 24, 2013

Post image for A Deep Dive into Digital Art

Some people spend Christmas Eve going to mass or sitting around a tree; others spend it eating Chinese food and going to see a movie. If you don’t have any family or friend traditions to adhere to, or if you do but want an escape, one possibility I’d recommend is to spend this late afternoon/evening digging into digital art via The Wrong, a new online biennial.

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Artists Auction Their Facebook Profiles

by An Xiao on November 19, 2013

Post image for Artists Auction Their Facebook Profiles

Organized by Bailey, Mathé and Hunt, a one-day event placed artists’ social media profiles up for bidding.

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Post image for A Digital Artist Goes Analogue, but the Message Is Fuzzy

Sitting in the audience for the performance of Ann Hirsch’s “Playground” at the New Museum last week, two things came to mind: one, that Hirsch had managed to trick a bunch of art school kids and fans of her often web-based art into coming to a very conventional theater production; and two, that the plot of her play felt a little conservative, despite Hirsch’s larger body of work that seeks to question representations of female minds, bodies, and sexualities on the internet.

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