Digital Art

Post image for Best of 2015: Our Top 10 Works of Internet Art

Unbound to GPS coordinates, internet-based art has no place on these other lists, and since it isn’t fair to neglect the increasing amount of works designed specifically for cyberspace, 2015 welcomes our inaugural Best-of-the-Internet list.

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A Digital Museum That Can Be Viewed IRL

by Jeremy Polacek on December 18, 2015

Post image for A Digital Museum That Can Be Viewed IRL

Like a digital snake eating its tail, digital art now has a (digital) museum it can call home.

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Post image for Virtually Visiting the Harlem Renaissance

When Harlem’s Renaissance Ballroom was demolished this year, the 1920s Jazz Age past of the neighborhood became a little harder to see.

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Post image for A Once Shattered Statue Is Now Part of a Theatrical Experiment at the Metropolitan Museum

How many times is a sculpture sculpted?

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Post image for Explore a Surreal Performance Parody of Google Street View

Over the course of six weeks and with a cast of hundreds, a Belgian theater company seized control of over six miles of streets in the city of Mons to stage surreal spectacles including flying kayakers, crowds of angels, and a taxidermy deer transforming into a donkey.

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Post image for A Digital Waterfall That Illuminates the Threat of Air Pollution

Artist Andrea Polli’s “Particle Falls” is a waterfall of light that changes colors from blue to flaming reds and yellows based on real time air quality data.

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Screenshot of Gallery404

It’s not every day that you get to climb all over classic works for art — unless you’re an unsupervised child — but a new online gallery lets you jump on the Koons and the Warhol.

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Post image for After Blockbuster Kickstarter, Electric Objects Is Appealing to Artists

It’s long been a dream of digital art lovers to easily display internet-based art, so it was no surprise that Electric Objects, a company developing a dedicated high-definition screen and integrated computer to bring art from the internet into the home, quickly blew past its initial Kickstarter goal of $25,000 to raise almost half a million dollars.

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Post image for Wade Guyton and the Post-Media Question

PARIS — A backshift in the Parisian weather, from spring warm sun to cold gray, complemented the opening of Wade Guyton’s back-titled 26 avril – 7 juin 2008 exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel perfectly.

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A Journal for Art That’s Purely Digital

by Alicia Eler on January 29, 2014

Post image for A Journal for Art That’s Purely Digital

LOS ANGELES — Artists who work in the digital realm are increasingly gaining recognition with exhibitions, auctions, and biennials. A new artist/writer-led online magazine called NOOART: The Journal of Objectless Art seeks to further the discussion about this type of work.

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