Post image for University of Kansas Acquires 1,000 Zines from a Defunct Radical Library

The University of Kansas Libraries recently acquired over 1,000 zines from the former Solidarity radical organization in Lawrence, Kansas.

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Post image for Turning Brazil’s Political Waste into Furniture

Late last month, Dilma Rousseff was re-elected president of Brazil, bringing one of the country’s most bitter elections to a close. Though the campaign season has ended, tons — as in literal tons — of illegal signage remain on the streets.

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New Project to Digitize 10,000 Sci-Fi Zines

by Allison Meier on November 11, 2014

Post image for New Project to Digitize 10,000 Sci-Fi Zines

To increase access to the fan culture that was integral to the rise of science fiction in the 20th century, the University of Iowa Libraries is digitizing 10,000 fanzines.

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Post image for Covering a City’s Potholes with Art

CHICAGO — Jim Bachor began his personal public-works project to repair potholes with mosaic works in the summer of 2013.

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Post image for Who Says LA Doesn’t Read? Inaugural LA Art Book Fair Opens Today

AA Bronson, the internationally recognized artist and former president of New York’s Printed Matter artist-book store, is currently in LA to launch the first ever LA Art Book Fair at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary space in downtown LA. Bronson, who is also the director of the NY Art Book Fair, says he’s been thinking about an LA companion to the popular New York fair for about three years now.

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Post image for Berlin Shuts Down Tacheles, DIY Artistic Holdout from the Bygone Days

Berlin’s famous Tacheles, a sprawling art center housed in a former department store, was effectively shut down this week, as the owner of the building, HSH Nordbank, moves forward with plans to sell it.

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Post image for A Zine Archive 30 Years Later Is Still Punk As Fuck

To my pleasant surprise this weekend, while going about my business I was stopped by several New Yorkers, from various walks of life, all advertising information about the Occupy Wall Street protests. Occupy Wall Street seem to be on the top of everyone’s mind these days or at least the tips of their tongues. Indeed, the spreading protests all over the country seem to harness a certain discontent present but aimless in the public unconsciousness. Love them or hate them, there is definitely a public zeitgeist surrounding the whole thing. Visiting the goings on downtown I was reminded of the power and necessity of cheaply produced posters, pamphlets and broadsides and their relationship to organized resistance. With thoughts of protest and grass roots organization I happened onto the newest show at Boo Hooray Gallery on Canal Street in Chinatown.

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Eye on the Lo-Fi: DIY Flicks

by Kate Wadkins on October 10, 2011

Post image for Eye on the Lo-Fi: DIY Flicks

Like all things punk, DIY cinema is a bit rough around the edges. But, isn’t that what makes it so much fun? Kicking off in midsummer with the release of Céline Danhier’s Blank City, punk films have been having a bit of a revival — and, while we’re at it — a reinvigoration.

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Post image for A Marriage of Food Truck Culture and a Gallery on Wheels

In the era of food trucks, pop-up shops and temporary restaurants, when even underground dance parties are thrown in the bays of parked U-Haul trucks, it’s surprising that more of the art world isn’t getting on board with this wonderfully lo-fi business model that optimizes exposure through social media and the Internet and requires minimal entry costs. Enter Show and Tell, an ambitious foray into the world of the DIY mobile gallery organized by Sierra Stinson, a Seattle-based artist and part-time gallerist, and Victoria Yee Howe, a New York-based conceptual artist and former pastry chef.

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Post image for Important Queens DIY Venue Rebuilds after Burglary

Late Monday night, word quickly got around that the beloved DIY arts and music venue on the border of Queens and Brooklyn, Silent Barn, had been burglarized. $15,000 of musical equipment, handmade art and valuables was taken from the venue, and the place was violently trashed.

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