Post image for Watch a 1958 Oscar-Winning Short About Dutch Glassblowers

In 1958, renowned Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra visited the Royal Leerdam glass factory in the Netherlands, where glassblowers created handmade crystal wares.

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Post image for A Reverential Close-up of Robert Frank Leaves Questions Unasked

In its day, Auguste Rodin’s now esteemed 1876 sculpture “The Bronze Age” roused the considerable ill will of art critics, most notably for the belief that it was cast from a live model.

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Post image for A Not-Quite-Great Documentary About the Greatest Art Forger of Our Time

“I think I can paint anything,” says Wolfgang Beltracchi, the infamous German art forger, in Arne Birkenstock’s documentary Beltracchi: The Art of Forgery.

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Post image for The Quest to Stage a Concert of Female Singers in Iran

No Land’s Song, the latest documentary from Iranian filmmaker Ayat Najafi, follows a charismatic central character as she struggles to produce an all-women concert in Iran.

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Post image for Finally, a Documentary About Eva Hesse’s Life and Work

Eva Hesse’s life story has all the requisite elements of a rousing documentary or tear-jerking biopic.

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Post image for A Look at the Life of a “Geriatric Starlet”

“Dressing should be fun. Life is short and life is grey, so you can easily dress yourself up, make yourself happy, and then you make other people happy,” says nonagenarian fashion icon Iris Apfel in a new documentary by Albert Maysles.

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Post image for The Serious Business of ‘New Yorker’ Cartoons

“Cartoons either make the strange familiar or the familiar strange,” says New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff in Leah Wolchok’s documentary about the magazine’s enduring cartoon department, Very Semi-Serious.

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A Documentarian of Creative Disruption

by Sarah Walko on March 31, 2015

Post image for A Documentarian of Creative Disruption

Ondi Timoner is the only two-time recipient of Sundance’s Grand Jury Prize for documentaries. She’s also the founder and CEO of Interloper Films, a full-service production company based in Pasadena, California, that continually releases videos through an online video portal, A Total Disruption.

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Post image for The Men Who Manufacture Scientific Doubt

Merchants of Doubt, the latest documentary film by director Robert Kenner (Food, Inc., among others) uses a magician’s sleight of hand as an allegory for the conning of the American public by a handful of corporate lobbyists and public-relations mercenaries.

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Post image for Warhol’s Great-Niece Plans Documentary About “Uncle Andy”

Andy Warhol is one of those artists that many people love but few completely understand.

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