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Artist Katsu has been working hard at extending the language of public mark making, and his latest experiments have been drone-based.

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Art for the Discerning Drone

by Benjamin Sutton on March 27, 2015

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This summer the Knockdown Center, the sprawling arts space in Maspeth, Queens, will host a drone obstacle course consisting entirely of specially commissioned sculptures.

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Post image for New FAA Regulations Could Shoot Down Artists’ Drone-Based Projects

Regulations being proposed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could clip the wings of artists who use drones in their practice.

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Post image for Christmas Tree Drone Delivers Yuletide Nightmares

How does Santa deliver all those gifts in just a few short hours every Christmas? With drones, of course!

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Dancing with Drones

by Ben Valentine on May 20, 2014

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Eleven Play is a Japanese dance group that incorporates advanced technologies directly into their practice.

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Drones, Data, and Deletion

by Stephen Truax on April 21, 2014

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BERLIN — Two autonomous drones shaped like miniature tanks a little bigger than a kid’s Fisher-Price Power Wheels truck roam the cavernous white hall of the Berlinische Galerie. They have been programmed to sense and approach visitors.

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Post image for Giving a Face to the Victims of Drone Killings

A union of hashtag activism, street art, and drones hardly portends an outcome of substance, but a rare exception has surfaced in Pakistan, where a collective has unveiled an athletic-field-sized poster meant to attract the attention of American drones operating in the country’s volatile Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province.

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Deploying Drones for Aerial Photography

by An Xiao on October 24, 2013

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It’s difficult to appreciate, given the ubiquity afforded by camera phones and low-cost digital cameras, but the ability to photograph our space can be a powerful act.

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Post image for Artists and Governments Fight Back Against Drones

Ever since the federal government announced plans to expand its use of drones for domestic surveillance, concerns have been growing over what that will mean, particularly for people’s right to privacy. It seemed like only a matter of time, then, before smaller local governments started passing laws to try and grapple with the issue, and on Monday, Charlottesville, Virginia, became the first city to pass an anti-drone resolution.

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10 Pivotal Moments for Digital Art in 2012

by Kyle Chayka on December 27, 2012

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2012 was a great year for digital art. As Tumblr rocketed over 25 million hits a month and Instagram became a new venue for creative expression, artists continued to traverse the internet’s sprawling landscape and confront us with the weirdness of our own experiences of virtual space. In this end-of-year roundup, I’ll look at ten events, moments, and trends that marked these past 12 months in digital art.

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