Eero Saarinen

Post image for See the Smithsonian Archive’s Collection of Artists’ Handwritten Letters

Whatever skeptics may say about the pseudoscience of graphology (handwriting analysis), it’s hard to deny that handwriting expresses feeling and style — especially, in many cases, when it’s the handwriting of an artist. Georgia O’Keeffe’s bold, squiggly lines and lack of punctuation ignored conventions of grammar and penmanship.

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Post image for The Origins of Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal in a One-Legged Chair

When the TWA Flight Center opened in 1962 at New York’s JFK Airport, its swooping form seemed to embody flight itself, with its two white wings rising from the tarmac.

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Post image for How Public Tours Helped Save NYC’s Most Futuristic Air Terminal

Closed in 2001 with TWA’s absorption by American Airlines, the TWA Flight Center designed by Eero Saarinen at JFK has been vacant ever since.

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Post image for The Illustrated Correspondence of Artists

Before people were dropping GIFs into Gmail, letter writers were adding illustrations for that emotional or contextual punch.

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Post image for Frank Gehry to Design New Facebook Campus

Facebook is building an extension of its campus in Silicon Valley, and, in a signal that it it is a Company to Be Taken Seriously, it has tapped renowned architect Frank Gehry to design the new building.

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Cranbrook Museum of Art Re-Opens

by Colin Darke on November 15, 2011

Post image for Cranbrook Museum of Art Re-Opens

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN — In the middle of the lush suburban academic oasis of the 319-acre Cranbrook educational community sits the Cranbrook Museum of Art, which re-opened last Friday November 11 after a two-year $22 million expansion and renovation.

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Office Space: The Conceptual Art Show?

by Emily Colucci on August 15, 2011

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In 2011, the American Dream has deteriorated to looking like an empty office space with abandoned cubicles, lone water fountains and abandoned family photographs of the past employees. On two floors of the midtown Manhattan Lipstick Building, and only an elevator ride away from Bernie Madoff’s old office, a group of artists transformed an empty office into an art exhibition, 14 & 15, by placing conceptual art around the lavish office, playfully moving objects that had been left in the offices and changing how viewers understand office space. However, much like the current economic state with the gap between the wealthy top 1% and everyone else, only the select few seem to be able to experience this exhibition.

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