On the Origin of Emoji

by Claire Voon on July 5, 2016

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A new book published by Prestel explores the history of emoji and its rise as a global communication phenomenon.

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Post image for A Reason to Headbang: Finland Makes National Emojis

The country has developed more than 30 emojis that function as advertisements for all the things that make Finland unique.

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Post image for Could Emoji Replace Pin Numbers?

Emoji have been widely praised for the way they can foster better communication. But what if they could also make it easier to remember things — for instance, the password to your bank account?

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Are Emojis a Language?

by Becca Rothfeld on May 6, 2015

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Do emoji, which comprise so much of our textual communication, really constitute a language?

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Post image for The French Love Hearts, Canadians Prefer Poop, and Other Emoji Trends

A new report breaking down emoji use by country and language found that hearts make up 55% of emoji typed by French speakers. That’s four times the international average.

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Post image for As Multiculti Emojis Debut, Bleach Company Stains Its Reputation with Off-Color Joke

On the day that the world could finally send diverse-looking emoji, US-based bleach company Clorox made a very bad joke.

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Asians Meet New Yellow Emoji with Frowny Face

by Kemy Lin on March 9, 2015

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Apple’s new release of iOS 8.3 beta and OS X 10.10.3 beta for testers includes a long-awaited emoji update, with new, racially diverse humanoid emoji.

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Post image for The Many Faces of Cindy Sherman, Turned into Emoji

There are few human emotions that have not been captured, in one series or another, by Cindy Sherman.

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Post image for Emoji Update Promises Racial Diversity, but No Multiracial Couples

Emoji will become more racially diverse in 2015. An update slated to be released next year will allow users to choose between five different skin tones for all their humanoid emoji characters.

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Post image for ‘The Shining’ in Emoji Is Pretty Great

Emoji translation is a fine art. The first masterpiece of the genre was undoubtedly Emoji Dick (aka Moby Dick in emoji) by Fred Benenson, but since then there have been varying degrees of success at translating the true essence of a text into a string of mostly adorable symbols.

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