Post image for Asians Meet New Yellow Emoji with Frowny Face

Apple’s new release of iOS 8.3 beta and OS X 10.10.3 beta for testers includes a long-awaited emoji update, with new, racially diverse humanoid emoji.

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Post image for The Many Faces of Cindy Sherman, Turned into Emoji

There are few human emotions that have not been captured, in one series or another, by Cindy Sherman.

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Post image for Emoji Update Promises Racial Diversity, but No Multiracial Couples

Emoji will become more racially diverse in 2015. An update slated to be released next year will allow users to choose between five different skin tones for all their humanoid emoji characters.

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Post image for ‘The Shining’ in Emoji Is Pretty Great

Emoji translation is a fine art. The first masterpiece of the genre was undoubtedly Emoji Dick (aka Moby Dick in emoji) by Fred Benenson, but since then there have been varying degrees of success at translating the true essence of a text into a string of mostly adorable symbols.

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In Brief

250 New Emoji Are on the Way

by Hrag Vartanian on June 16, 2014

Post image for 250 New Emoji Are on the Way

The Unicode Consortium (which sounds like a comic book crime organization) has released approximately 250 emoji as part of Version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, which includes 2,834 new characters.

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Post image for Emojis May Be Going Multiculti, but What About Art?

Here at Hyperallergic, we’ve discussed — and griped about — the limited menu of emoji on smartphones but now there’s word that Apple may expand the usual emoji suspects with more racial diversity to reflect a more inclusive reality. But can I suggest a few others?

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Post image for The Yayoi Kusama Experience at David Zwirner in Emoji

Some things are simply better said in emoji …

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Why Do Emoji Fascinate Us?

by Hrag Vartanian on December 13, 2013

Post image for Why Do Emoji Fascinate Us?

Last night’s opening of the Emoji Art and Design Show was a light-hearted celebration of those pictograms that have crept into our conversations and lives in every which way. The exhibition felt more design than art, and the pop-up marketplace featured a number of — you guessed it — emoji-related products.

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Post image for Guaranteed to Make You Smile: Emoji Art History 2.0

Thanks to Annie Werner at Tumblr, who has pointed out that Emoji Art History has gone to the next level.

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Post image for The Most and Least Popular Emoji on Twitter

Ever wonder which emoji are most popular with users? Now Emojitracker is tracking Twitter users to find out which symbols are being used the most right now.

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