English Kills Art Gallery

Post image for Painting Stolen from Bushwick Gallery Turns Up on Roosevelt Island

Sometime this morning, a painting went missing from English Kills Art Gallery.

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Street art installation by Skewville

The weather’s getting hotter — at least it was last weekend — which can only mean one thing: it’s time for Bushwick Open Studios!

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Our North Brooklyn Fall Art Picks in WG News

by Hrag Vartanian on September 14, 2011

Post image for Our North Brooklyn Fall Art Picks in WG News

This fall there’s a lot to do in north Brooklyn, and we provided a run down of 10 local things we consider important to your “outside the white box” artistic diet.

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Post image for Bushwick Brought the Party to NY’s 2011 Scope Fair

Perhaps going directly from the Armory to Scope was a mistake. At a significantly smaller scale, lower budgets, and complete with an indoor smoking room and a cash bar manned by none other than Bushwick artisanal pizza powerhouse Roberta’s, Scope Art Fair New York was very much like a Bushwick opening after a day at MoMA. The editorial lens of the significantly more exclusive (and expensive) art fairs do, in fact, produce better art viewing experiences.

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Post image for My Very Personal Beat Nite in Photos, Part 1

While most people’s Beat Nite started last Friday night, mine began the night before at Norte Maar, where artist Austin Thomas had bitch slapped surprised me with the bombshell that she took the liberty of designing the Hippie Potluck tshirts without me (“I understand, Austin, really, let me just find that voodoo doll I made of you…”) and Norte Maar and Storefront co-founder Jason Andrew decided that he wanted to try and drink me under the table. Thankfully for me, the second helped blunt the pain of the first. Needless to say, things ended up blurry that night. Ok, I think I blacked out, but those are details.

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Bushwick’s Beat Nite Is THE Place to Be Friday Night

by Sponsor on February 17, 2011

Post image for Bushwick’s Beat Nite Is THE Place to Be Friday Night

Jason Andrew + Norte Maar bring back the late night with the fifth installment of BEAT NITE: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late, Friday, February 18, 6-10PM. This bi-annual night is half art stroll, half bar crawl, where selected art spaces from the legit galleries to the DIY apartment spaces stay open late for each other and the public welcoming the public to see real art in real time, one night only. Each of the ten spaces will host new art and offer true neighborhood hospitality in the form of drinks and music in what has become the signature party of all parties with art above all else. This episode of BEAT NITE is sponsored by HYPERALLERGIC.

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Post image for Thoughts & Photos from the 2011 Maximum Perception Performance Festival

Liveblogging performance art is a little like tweeting a dentist appointment. You go in with some anxiety about the experience, and in the case of the former, you wonder how you will be able to capture all of what you are experiencing but also remain in the moment and engaged even though your mind can wander, distracted by noises, conversations, your own thoughts, and interruptions. When you’re liveblogging you can’t look away, not even if the performer cuts their hand (happened last time and she needed 20 stitches), or pulls out a hypodermic to inject some clear liquid into their cheek (happened this time, thanks Zhennesse). It is an imperfect thing, liveblogging, but I will say it is an exhilarating way to experience performance art.

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Post image for Liveblogging Maximum Perception, Fri Night

We’re setting up at the English Kills Art Gallery and getting ready for the Friday night liveblogging session.

Tonight, Hyperallergic’s Kyle Chayka and I will be manning the blog, Twitter & everything else and taking turns chiming in about performances and what’s going on around us.

The Twitter hashtag for tonight’s event is #maxperception and you can follow our Twitterfeed here: twitter.com/hyperallergic.

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Post image for This Weekend’s Maximum Perception Performance Festival Features 17 Global Artists Over 2 Nights

Come out this Friday and Saturday night — 7pm to 12am each night — for the Maximum Perception Performance Festival at the English Kills Art Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Curated by Peter Dobill and Phoenix Lights, the 2011 Maximum Perception Festival will take place over two nights and showcase 17 national and international performance artists, focusing on presenting a dynamic range of contemporary performance practice from the best emerging artists in performance. Hyperallergic is a media sponsor of Maximum Perception and will be there both nights to liveblog the performances.

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Post image for 9 Underappreciated New York Art Shows & Events of 2010

There’s the stuff everyone is applauding … yawn … but that’s boring, we want to point out some things that are under most people’s radar and why they deserve some notice. Here’s our list of the 9 Most Underappreciated Art Shows & Events in New York during 2010.

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