Post image for The 2016 Rio Olympics Medals Embrace Sustainable Design

Athletes at the Rio 2016 Olympics will be taking home bits of recycled mirrors, car parts, and X-ray plates in their medals as part of design aimed at sustainability.

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Post image for Cambodia Censors Screening of Film About Slain Environmental Activist

I Am Chut Wutty, a documentary by British filmmaker Fran Lambrick detailing Wutty’s work and tragic death, was set to be shown publicly at Phnom Penh’s Meta House on April 20 — until the authorities had their say.

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Post image for A Hidden Estonian “Forest Library” for Listening to Nature

Around 50% of Estonia is covered in forest.

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Christy Rupp,

Christy Rupp burst onto the New York art scene with “Rat Patrol,” a street art response to the sanitation strike of 1979.

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Post image for A Portrait of the 21st-Century Alps, Where Glaciers Retreat and Concrete Advances

The Alps today are different mountains from when the first 19th-century photographers hoisted heavy plate cameras up their craggy sides. Glaciers are in retreat, ski resorts are firmly lodged into slopes, and human infrastructure crawls back and forth steadily up their inclines.

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Saving the Environment One Death at a Time

by Allison Meier on August 13, 2014

A Will for the Woods film

In the United States, funerals often seem to be at war with death’s decay. Rather than let our bodies decompose into the soil, we embalm and coat them in makeup, seal them in wood and metal caskets, lower them into waterproof vaults.

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Post image for How Soon Is Now? A Precarious Environment Roots in Art

News of the dramatic remapping of the Arctic ice in the upcoming 10th edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World is only one of the many alarm bells clanging out the message that we live on a changing planet. With that urgency has come an upsurge in environmentally minded art, and a new book brings 95 of these creators together in a compendium of ecologically responsive work.

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Post image for Photographing Ancient Organisms Before They Disappear

Brooklyn-based photographer Rachel Sussman spent nearly a decade tracking down the elders of our world, where life is measured in centuries instead of years.

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A Bag Lady by Any Other Name

by Susan Silas on October 28, 2013

Post image for A Bag Lady by Any Other Name

There are many dystopian futures out there. Mary Mattingly’s, recently on view at Robert Mann Gallery, is oddly disjunctive, containing the requisite pessimism imbued with occasional broad strokes of optimism.

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Post image for Photographing the State of the Environment in the 1970s

Back in the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency sent over 70 photographers to all 50 states in order to document the environmental concerns of the regions.

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