Post image for Creating a Spatial History of Slavery through Abstraction

Minimalist abstraction of the 20th century often feels placeless. Tony Smith’s angular, inky sculptures could have crawled out of a dimension void of organic life; Mark Rothko’s repeating black canvases in a Houston chapel reflected the space’s lack of specific religion.

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Post image for From Snippets of Code, a Series of Apps Lets Users Produce Millions of Sounds and Visuals

You’re probably reading this article on your phone. What if, instead, you were taking part in an art exhibit, or a concert, or both?

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Post image for 3D Printing the Future of Fashion

Last month’s spring/summer 2016 collection presentations are quickly fading from memory, and we as a culture are in the throes of divination. What’s the next trend? What’s the new black? Will fringe be back?

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Objectifying Our Digital Lives

by E. Odin Cathcart on September 30, 2015

Post image for Objectifying Our Digital Lives

PORTLAND, Ore. — For the first time the New York art nonprofit Eyebeam has brought an exhibition to the West Coast and, unironically, chose Portland.

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Photo Essays

Wearable Tech that Fits Like a Glove

by Vic Vaiana on September 9, 2015

Post image for Wearable Tech that Fits Like a Glove

Making Patterns is the first exhibition at Eyebeam’s residency at the Seaport.

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Post image for A Field Guide to the Invisible Internet Infrastructure of NYC

The internet can seem ubiquitous and invisible at once, but it relies on an elaborate infrastructure that’s sometimes buried just below our feet.

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Post image for Art and Tech Nonprofit Eyebeam Announces 3-Year Move to Industry City, New Fellows

Leading arts and tech nonprofit Eyebeam has announced plans to move into a space in Brooklyn’s Industry City for roughly three years before relocating to an as-yet unbuilt space in downtown Brooklyn. The organization has also announced the recipients of its new two-year 2014/2015 Eyebeam Fellowships.

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Post image for Alice’s Technosurreal Wonderland

LOS ANGELES — “You would have to be half-mad to dream me up,” the Mad Hatter said to Alice during her romp through Wonderland, that place where her body and state-of-mind regularly changed shaped.

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Post image for Kill Your Phone: Artist Targets Surveillance

A Berlin-based conceptual artist artist, Aram Bartholl, has published a website to assist the craft-inclined and surveillance-averse in the making of their own Faraday cage pouch for their cellular telephones.

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Why Do Emoji Fascinate Us?

by Hrag Vartanian on December 13, 2013

Post image for Why Do Emoji Fascinate Us?

Last night’s opening of the Emoji Art and Design Show was a light-hearted celebration of those pictograms that have crept into our conversations and lives in every which way. The exhibition felt more design than art, and the pop-up marketplace featured a number of — you guessed it — emoji-related products.

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