Post image for Why I’m Amassing an Army of Fake Social Media Followers

While wandering across a quiet church square in a small Dutch village, I’m talking on the phone with a journalist from the New York Times.

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Post image for 12 Reasons Why I Can’t Be Facebook Friends with This Artist

An artist whose work I loathe recently sent me a “Friend Request” on Facebook.

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Post image for This Collaged Facebook Parody Needs Your Data

Welcome to 2016. Mark Zuckerberg has stolen our data, fleeing Facebook’s offices in Menlo Park with a mysterious, “charismatic hustler” known as Maurice Carbonneau.

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Post image for Facebook Rolls Out New, More Gender-Equal “Friends” Icon

In countries like the United States, inequality between men and women is often reflected in the details.

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Post image for Four Years Later, Man Still Fighting Facebook for Censoring Courbet’s “Origin of the World”

It’s been more than four years since French teacher Frédéric Durand-Baïssas, after posting a link to a documentary about Gustave Courbet’s “L’Origine du Monde” (1866) on Facebook, returned to the social network to find the post removed and his profile suspended.

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Post image for The Facebook Bug that Many Feared Was Censorship

The episode is a scary reminder of just how much we rely on Facebook and just how little control we have over it.

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Post image for Painting with 5,000 Facebook Friends in Your Studio

LOS ANGELES — Most artists like to think of their studios as private domains: as places where they can wrestle with the problems and possibilities of art making without anyone looking over their shoulder. Mark Dutcher, a Los Angeles painter, has spent the last five years gradually breaking down that privacy.

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Post image for The End of Men: “Self-Censorship” on Facebook Edition

A new study analyzing 3.9 million English-speaking Facebook users has concluded that 71% of status updates are “self-censored” — that is, modified prior to posting.

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Chat Bots and Big Data

by An Xiao on December 16, 2013

Post image for Chat Bots and Big Data

OAKLAND, Calif. — With our data-driven lives, so much of what we do can be seen through the lens of algorithms.

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Facebook Is for Moms

by Alicia Eler on July 3, 2013

Post image for Facebook Is for Moms

CHICAGO — There is a set of culturally acceptable ways for mothers to be and behave in the world. Mothers aren’t allowed to have their own lives or be sexual; in essence, they’re not allowed to be human beings. When an artist who’s also a mother crosses these lines, people often react in ways that are predictable yet simultaneously a grim reflection on where we still stand culturally in regards to women and feminism.

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