Post image for The Fiercely Contemporary Aesthetic of Today’s Native American Fashion Designers

SALEM, Mass. — Do not walk into Native Fashion Now expecting fringes and buckskin.

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Post image for Protect Yourself from Unwanted Photographs with This Hoodie

Attention shoppers: are you tired of paparazzi following you around, taking bright flash pictures and selling them to tabloids?

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Post image for Rare Stephen Sprouse Sketches Shine a Light on the 1980s Style Icon

If there were ever a fashion world equivalent of Andy Warhol, the universe found it in Downtown street kid Stephen Sprouse.

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Post image for Why One Ecuadorian Town Has Three Panama Hat Museums

CUENCA, Ecuador — The cool breeze in Cuenca, a city nuzzled in the Ecuadorian Andes at 8,000 feet elevation, blows through its cobblestone streets, rustling the skirts of indigenous women who wear long braids down their back with a baby wrapped in a bright colored shawl slung over their shoulders.

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Post image for Latest Saint Laurent Film Is a Portrait of the Times, Not the Artist

No fewer than two French biopics about Yves Saint Laurent have been released in the last two years, suggesting that a competitive rush to make the Saint Laurent film began immediately following his death in 2008.

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Post image for A Look at the Life of a “Geriatric Starlet”

“Dressing should be fun. Life is short and life is grey, so you can easily dress yourself up, make yourself happy, and then you make other people happy,” says nonagenarian fashion icon Iris Apfel in a new documentary by Albert Maysles.

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Post image for Four Lingering Questions from Last Night’s Metropolitan Museum Gala

The fashion world’s elite came out last night in what is likely one of the most important events in the industry, as well as a huge fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Post image for A Documentary Offers a New Look at the House of Dior

In his new film, director Frédéric Tcheng traces the voyage that Raf Simons, the current creative director of the House of Dior, embarks upon when designing his first haute couture collection there.

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Post image for Sitting at the Thrones of Nigerian Kings

In January, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi caused a stir when he stepped out in a pin-striped suit emblazoned with his own name.

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Disinterring the Lost Glamor of Grief

by Allison Meier on November 11, 2014

Post image for Disinterring the Lost Glamor of Grief

Grief hit what may be its peak of glamor between 1815 and 1915. The devastating losses of the Civil War, suppression of women’s rights, and Victorian and Edwardian affinity for the macabre resulted in generations of widows spending years in their dour “weeds.”

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