Post image for Keith Haring in Corn, and Other Artistic Thanksgiving Plates

This Thanksgiving, up your plating game and with some artist-inspired dishes courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Hyperallergic!

by Hyperallergic on November 26, 2015

Post image for Happy Thanksgiving from Hyperallergic!

Thanks to artist Faith Holland for serving up Thanksgiving to Hyperallergic readers.

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Post image for Rijksmuseum Asks Visitors to Stop Taking Photos and Start Sketching the Art

The Rijksmuseum’s new #StartDrawing campaign encourages visitors to slow down and sketch the works they see in the galleries instead of photographing them and moving on to the next thing.

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Post image for A Complex Portrait of Gentrification in New Yorkers’ Own Words

Last month the Brooklyn Public Library bestowed its inaugural Brooklyn Eagle Literary Prize for a work of non-fiction on DW Gibson for The Edge Becomes the Center: An Oral History of Gentrification.

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Post image for “Tech Tats” Turn Wearable Devices into Cyberpunk Body Art

Since the beginning of the Quantified Self Movement, designers have struggled to create wearable tech that people actually want to wear, and that doesn’t make the wearer look like a raging Glasshole.

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Post image for New Acquisition Makes the Rubin Museum World Leader in Tibetan Astrological Art

With the Rubin Museum of Art’s recent acquisition of a mid-18th-century manuscript known as White Beryl, the Manhattan museum now holds the world’s leading collection of Tibetan astrological and cosmological paintings.

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Post image for Rediscovering Charlotte Catherine Patin, a 17th-Century Art Historian

“I view Patin chiefly as an under appreciated pioneer in the field of women’s scholarship rather than just in art historical studies,” Nicola J. Shilliam, bibliographer at the library, told Hyperallergic.

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Post image for Pentagram’s High-End Design for Snoop Dogg’s Marijuana Product Line

Just a decade ago, marijuana in the popular imagination was largely associated with cheesy stoner iconography — pot leaf decals, tie-dye and paisley patterns — and its packaging was limited to discreet plastic baggies.

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Post image for See the Contact Sheets from 13 Legendary Photo Shoots

Contact prints by legendary Magnum photographers, including Martin Parr, Eve Arnold, David Hurn, Elliot Erwitt, Bruno Barbey, Burt Glinn, Guy Le Querrec, Herbert List, Thomas Hoepker, David Seymour, and more, are available starting today.

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In Brief

Saudi Arabia Sentences Poet to Death

by Benjamin Sutton on November 23, 2015

Post image for Saudi Arabia Sentences Poet to Death

On November 17 a court in Saudi Arabia sentenced the artist, poet, and curator Ashraf Fayadh to death for renouncing Islam.

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