Post image for Artist Proposes Adding Stone Carving of Outkast to Confederate Monument

Now that surveying and debating the fates of Confederate monuments around the US has become a national pastime, an artist has proposed a spottieottiedopaliscious solution for one of the most egregious and seemingly immovable.

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Post image for Contemporary Artists Create a New Kind of Order at the Barnes Foundation

PHILADELPHIA — It’s an illuminating mental exercise to ponder: what if Dr. Albert C. Barnes, the pharmaceutical tycoon and physician who assembled an unmatched collection of Post-Impressionist and early Modern paintings in Philadelphia, was actually an installation artist before his time?

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Post image for Swiss City Grooms for First Nude Public Performance Art Festival

On August 21, the world’s first official, naked public performance art festival will occur in the streets of Biel, Switzerland, featuring projects from 18 international artists.

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Post image for An Exhibition of Fractured and Mended Art

The conservation of artifacts already in museum care is highlighted more often than the repairs creators make to their own objects.

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Post image for Different Dreams for Different Decades

Dreams have a tendency to change over the years.

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Post image for Dieter Roth’s Chaotic and Cacophonous Gesamtkunstwerk

BERLIN — The exhibition And away with the minutes spins like a rococo confection around the prolific noise music projects of the legendary and influential German-born Swiss artist Dieter Roth.

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Stanley Whitney Reclaims His History

by John Yau on July 26, 2015

Post image for Stanley Whitney Reclaims His History

Happily, for those who are curious about what came next in Whitney’s evolution, they need only to go uptown and see the artist’s first museum exhibition in New York, Stanley Whitney: Dance the Orange at the Studio Museum in Harlem, which contains a selection of twenty-nine paintings and works on paper the artist made between 2008 and 2015.

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Ed Moses,

Researching the work and career of Ed Moses prior to our visit was like uncovering a trove of stylistic experimentation with abstract painting, and a whole segment of West Coast art history.

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Post image for Haunted by the Present: Pedro Costa’s ‘Horse Money’

The history that underlies and often possesses Pedro Costa’s Horse Money, the final entry in the director’s Fontainhas tetralogy, is almost ironic – more than two decades in, Costa’s project has outlived its subject, the titular Lisbon slum now demolished by the Portuguese authorities.

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Ye Qin Zhu, “Without colors” (2014)

Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, first published in 1968, is a collection of twelve tales — most of them narrated by an ancient, improbable being by the name of Qfwfq — that blend science fiction with fantasy and indulge in the mind-expanding ethos of the times.

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