Post image for The Painted Pantry of Vermeer’s Milkmaid

At this very moment, Vermeer may be spinning like a lathe in his grave. Or, just maybe, he’s executing a slow, pleasurable shimmy. In either case, the proximate cause would be Walk-In Pantry, an installation at Fridman Gallery by the artist Summer Wheat.

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Post image for A Patronizing Argument Against Cultural Repatriation

In the past few decades, cultural institutions in the West have increasingly felt pressure to return artifacts acquired through questionable means during the colonial era.

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Bill Berkson

“Why should I look at this [art] instead of out the window?” asks Bill Berkson in one of the prose poems from his stellar new collection, Expect Delays.

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The Bewildering Beauty of the Ordinary

by John Yau on April 19, 2015

Julia Fish,

I urge viewers not to miss the rare opportunity to linger over Julia Fish’s paintings and drawings, which were last exhibited in New York in 2005. A group of recent works can be seen in Julia Fish: Threshold, currently on display at David Nolan Gallery.

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Jason Stopa,

Jason Stopa stands a head taller than most of us and shares some strong ideas about contemporary art with a calm, intellectual confidence. His work, too, is raw, but the delivery system is mellifluous – a world of familiar references and a range of intimate painterly touches.

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Keith Haring,

Ten years ago, the Morgan Library & Museum decided it was time to bring its collection up to speed on the art of drawing in the 20th and 21st centuries — a daunting task in itself, and even more improbable in the face of a superheated, late-capitalist art market: at the feast of the trophy-eaters, would the museum be forced to content itself with scraps?

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Post image for Introducing the Hyperallergic Art Library T-shirts

Today is the day! Hyperallergic has launched the first edition of our Art Library series with five titles by some of the innovators of art writing.

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