Post image for Thousands of Protesters Descend on NYC’s Financial District for #FloodWallStreet [UPDATED]

This morning, beginning at 9am, another swarm of environmental protesters gathered in Manhattan, this time downtown, to make a more pointed statement.

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Images from the Climate Change march in NYC

On Tuesday, world leaders will convene at the United Nations to discuss all matters global warming at the UN Climate Summit. Across town today, a reported 310,000 people from places as far reaching as Lima, Peru and the South Bronx loudly made their way through midtown to broadcast their message about the urgency of our warming earth.

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Required Reading

by Hrag Vartanian on September 21, 2014

Post image for Required Reading

This week, American adulthood, women in comics, dealer/collector mistrust, artists expecting more from dealers, NYC etiquette, Fatih Akin’s new genocide film, bad ledes, distorting the Renaissance, and more.

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Afton Wilky’s Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea (2014)

To immediately grasp the innovative nature of Afton Wilky’s debut volume Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea and to begin to appreciate its exploration of language’s materialities and its playful stretching of the conventions of the codex form, one need only consider its front cover.

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Harriet Korman’s Chromatic and Linear Improvisations

by John Yau on September 21, 2014

Harriet Korman, 'Untitled

The key to Harriet Korman’s work is drawing. However, until this exhibition, Harriet Korman: Line or Edge, Line or Color, New Paintings and Drawings, at Lennon, Weinberg she has tended to show only a few drawings at a time.

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Jack Bilbo,

LONDON — Back in the 1970s, England, the home of such pioneering researchers in the outsider art field as Roger Cardinal and the late Victor Musgrave, played a significant role in calling attention to a subfield which, at that time, was still emerging within the art world’s international terrain.

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Post image for Introducing the Hyperallergic Art Library T-shirts

Today is the day! Hyperallergic has launched the first edition of our Art Library series with five titles by some of the innovators of art writing.

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