Post image for Japan Wipes Away Pretentiousness with Art Festival Devoted to Toilets

Relieve yourself of the conventional biennials and triennials of the art world with the first art festival dedicated entirely to bathrooms.

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Post image for Wayfinding through Ruins and Castles in a Governors Island Art Intervention

It’s unlikely you’d notice any of the art in Governors Island’s Visitors without a map, as it’s hiding in an abandoned swimming pool, a nondescript rock in a fortress, and those hulking billboards urban eyes are trained to ignore.

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Post image for British Library Rejects Taliban Archive Donation

It isn’t every day that one of the world’s biggest cultural institutions refuses to host a massive digital archive of great historical significance.

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Post image for Oblivious Games Company Turns Slave Trade into Tetris

After a social media uproar, the Denmark-based Serious Games Interactive removed a “Slave Tetris” mini-game from their Playing History: Slave Trade.

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Post image for There’s a New Art Reality TV Show for Us to Hatewatch [UPDATED]

Just when you thought art-related reality TV programming couldn’t get any worse … it has!

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Post image for NYC’s Governors Island Art Fair Welcomes Visitors Every Weekend in September

The annual Governors Island Art Fair (GIAF), which features the work of emerging artists from around the region and across the globe, opens this Saturday, September 5, and continues every Saturday and Sunday in September.

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Post image for Arlene Shechet’s Unified Theory of Ceramics

BOSTON — The ads for Arlene Shechet’s exhibition All at Once have been intriguing and unsettling.

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Did Cooper Union Just Get a Second Chance?

by Hrag Vartanian on September 2, 2015

Post image for Did Cooper Union Just Get a Second Chance?

They said it couldn’t be done, but today’s announcement by the Committee to Save Cooper Union (CSCU) suggests that the turmoil that has engulfed the beloved Manhattan university may be coming to an end.

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Post image for Found Photographs Show How Couples Light It Up During Chinese Weddings

There are nearly as many smokers in China as there are Americans in the United States. That staggering statistic might help explain the central role cigarettes play in traditional Chinese weddings.

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Post image for At Venice Biennale, Artists Stage a Pageant for Precarious Workers in Abu Dhabi

VENICE — When I arrived in Venice three weeks ago, I immediately headed to the tip of the Donsoduro to S.a.L.E. docks, a contemporary art space run by artist and activist Marco Baravalle. As part of its Biennale programming, the G.U.L.F. was set to have the Precarious Workers Pageant that evening.

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