Post image for The Well-Trodden Art of the Manhole Cover in New York City

A manhole cover is generally deemed successful if its round shape keeps pedestrians from plummeting into the earth, and communicates the subterranean systems below through its design.

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Post image for The Pulsing Patterns of Traditional North African Jewelry

PARIS — Wearable Treasures: Maghreb Jewelry and Ornaments is a pointed consideration of the psychic powers interlaced throughout North African women’s jewelry.

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The Other Side of History

by John Yau on August 21, 2016

Post image for The Other Side of History

One of the fascinating things about The Keeper, organized by Massimiliano Gioni, with Margot Norton, Natalie Bell, and Helga Christoffersen for the New Museum, is the sheer number of distinct collections they managed to include in a space that is not particularly hospitable to art.

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Beer with a Painter: Enrique Chagoya

by Jennifer Samet on August 20, 2016

Post image for Beer with a Painter: Enrique Chagoya

I visited Enrique Chagoya in his Stanford University studio when classes were out for the summer. The bucolic fields outside the building were quiet, other than the rustling of tree branches, and a group of swallows and a hummingbird flying near the roof.

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Post image for Roger Ricco, Artist, Has Something to Show You

Roger Ricco is an artist. He is also a steel-foundry worker’s son, a former rock-band promoter, and a co-founder and co-director, with Frank Maresca, of Ricco/Maresca, a well-known New York venue specializing in contemporary art by both schooled and self-taught artists

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Post image for Work by Irving Penn and Other Teachers of the Famous Photographers School Emerges

In the 1950s and ’60s, tens of thousands of students across the US were receiving an arts education by mail, through correspondence courses designed and distributed by the Famous Artists School on painting, illustration, and cartooning.

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Post image for A Dancer Carves a Queer Space in Classic Khmer Performance

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Prumsodun Ok deeply loves classical Khmer dance.

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Post image for MFA Boston Publicly Conserves 18th-Century Buddhist Painting Masterpiece

Starting tomorrow, visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, will have a rare opportunity to experience what usually occurs behind the scenes in conservation labs.

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Post image for Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison’s Collaborative Visions of Harlem

CHICAGO — Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison, two of the 20th century’s most celebrated artists, shared a vision of what it meant to be black in the US.

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Post image for Victorian Scrapbooks of Flowers from the Holy Land

In the 19th century, tourists who traveled through the Holy Land may have picked up scrapbooks of pressed flowers as souvenirs.

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