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Post image for Remembering Miriam Schapiro (1923–2015)

The American artist Miriam Schapiro died on Saturday. Her death brings up enormous issues about feminism, legacy, and about the role an artist plays in how she enters a history she helped to create.

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Post image for Six Pioneering Feminist Artists Conquer New York

With recent statistics showing that only 31% of the solo exhibitions at NYC galleries are devoted to women, it comes as a pleasant surprise that over a two-month period this spring there are several exhibitions simultaneously showcasing the work of second-generation feminist artists.

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Post image for What Happens When a Feminist Artist Interviews a Pickup Artist

Tired of the one-sided and often misogynistic narrative of the pickup artist (PUA), visual art Angela Washko wanted to provide a more complex understanding of PUAs by recasting their stories from women’s perspectives.

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Post image for The Guerrilla Girls Are Still Relevant After All These Years

CLAREMONT, Calif. — When I first saw the work of the Guerrilla Girls in high school, I had a similar reaction as when I first read Linda Nochlin’s “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”: ashamed that something so obvious had to be laid out for me.

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The Many Faces of Suzy Lake

by Catherine Kustanczy on February 26, 2015

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TORONTO — Artist Suzy Lake is many women at once in her work, but in life, she is a singular, deeply influential artist who began exploring the constructed nature of femininity and identity before Cindy Sherman ever donned a wig or set of buck teeth.

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Post image for Feminist Protest Disrupts the Whitney Biennial

“Envision an art world utopia in which every artist, irrespective of gender or race, is valued for their work!” It was (and still is) a lovely sentiment, shouted by 14 female artists decked in flowers and gowns and leotards, and standing in the second-floor galleries of the Whitney Museum.

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The Many Faces of Eleanor Antin

by Alexis Clements on November 29, 2013

Post image for The Many Faces of Eleanor Antin

Let me introduce you to a few of the many selves of Eleanor Antin, as they are represented in the show Multiple Occupancy: Eleanor Antin’s “Selves,” currently on view at the Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University.

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Post image for Big, Bigger, Biggest: Judith Bernstein Breaks Through

Is this Judith Bernstein’s moment? With her work now on display in two New York museums, the art world is finally catching up with this uncompromising artist. And it’s taken only four and a half decades.

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Turning the Seven Year Itch into a Retrospective

by An Xiao on April 18, 2012

Post image for Turning the Seven Year Itch into a Retrospective

LOS ANGELES — Most artist retrospectives occur decades after an artist’s career really takes off, once their name has been recognized in the annals of art world lore. But long time collaborators Chan and Mann — Audrey Chan and Elana Mann, respectively — have organized their own retrospective to recognize their “seven year itch” of collaboration and “historicize now.”

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Post image for Assessing a Small Show of a Feminist Icon

CHICAGO — In a darkened gallery in the Art Institute of Chicago, a grainy video from decades ago begins. Standing with her face pressed up against a white wall, a woman reaches down and scoops up a handful of red, viscous liquid — presumably blood — from an enamel tray, and in a series of arcing gestures she traces a crude outline of a doorway, or a cave entrance, or maybe just the close demarcation of her own small body, around herself onto the wall.

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