Frank Gehry

Post image for The Freeform Scribbles that Give Rise to Frank Gehry’s Buildings

In an episode of the animated television series Arthur, Frank Gehry makes a surprise appearance, announcing that he’s been hired to design a new art gallery in the fictitious Elwood City.

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Post image for The Otherworldly Modern Homes that Were Never Built

While other modern architects imagined a future of single-family homes that resembled Rubik’s Cubes, with boxy exteriors and primary-colored walls, Austrian-American artist and architect Frederick Kiesler considered a return to cave dwelling.

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Post image for Pushing Back Against Scale and Brand in Frank Gehry’s Latest Luxury Art Hangar

PARIS — The essence of branding is the insistent repetition of a recognizable commodity image, so we should not be surprised when Bernard Arnault’s global luxury brand Louis Vuitton applies the same formula to art.

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Post image for Gehry Gets Frank on Labor at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi

As labor conditions on Abu Dhabi’s Saadiyat Island fall under ever-increasing scrutiny, Frank Gehry, the architect behind the Guggenheim’s outpost there, has issued a statement regarding his firm’s “substantial and on-going dialogue” on the issue.

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Frank Gehry's design for new Philadelphia Museum of Art

PHILADELPHIA — With all of the gratuitous snark surrounding the recent work of Frank O. Gehry, the expansion and modernization of the Philadelphia Museum of Art will most likely glide under the radar of his usual detractors.

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Post image for Breaking the Ground Between Art and Architecture

In recent years, the connections between architecture, art, and design have, in many cases, become inextricably bound to another in a kind of symbiotic relationship. For some observers, architecture appears relevant to the twenty-first century only when it emulates an abstract sculptural presence.

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Post image for The Lush Life of Virtual Architecture

PARIS — Jakob + Macfarlane’s drawings conceptually extol dandy artifice and knotted ambivalence while staying open to the breath of the voluptuous landscape.

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Arles Well That Ends Well

by Joseph Nechvatal on April 10, 2014

Post image for Arles Well That Ends Well

ARLES, France — It first looked to be cold, gray, and rainy on the first April weekend in Arles, somewhat in stride with the general dour spirit of the French these days.

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Post image for Will Houston Demolish Its Iconic ‘Art Barn’? [UPDATED]

The city of Houston might lose a 45-year-old artistic landmark. Dubbed “The Art Barn,” the corrugated metal building at Rice University was constructed by arts patrons John and Dominique de Menil over 10 short weeks in 1969 to house the MoMA exhibition Machine: As Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age. A twin “Media Barn” was also built.

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Post image for Frank Gehry Frames LACMA’s Calder Exhibition

LOS ANGELES — Architects often make good exhibition designers. It may seem obvious, since architects as a rule frame and organize space, but few actually get involved in the design of major museum exhibitions. Frank Gehry is an exception to the rule and the Los Angeles-based architect has for decades been designing exhibitions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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