Georg Baselitz

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A lot of people mistake my work for a man’s.

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MIAMI BEACH — In an apparent attempt to show more shiny baubles than all of the art fairs combined, the Bass Museum of Art last week opened One Way: Peter Marino, a perversely perfect complement to its other major exhibition, GOLD.

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Georg Baselitz Is a Sexist Grump

by Jillian Steinhauer on January 30, 2013

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Women, ladies, girls, however you identify — if you’ve got two X chromosomes, I’m talking to you, and I have an unfortunate announcement: You can’t paint. At least not well. So if you’re thinking about becoming a painter, don’t do it; you’ll never be any good. If you already are one, I’m sorry; you should probably take up knitting instead.

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What You Might Be Missing at MoMA

by Thomas Micchelli on November 3, 2012

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You’d never find Pablo Picasso or Jackson Pollock relegated to the corridors of the Museum of Modern Art. Rarely do artists deemed essential to MoMA’s historical narrative rub elbows with the throngs swarming the escalators and passageways in endless transit from galleries to café to restroom and back.

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One Paints, the Other Doesn’t

by Thomas Micchelli on September 22, 2012

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In 1961, two scrappy young artists decided to stage their first show together. One of them was Georg Baselitz, who would later become a mainstay of Neo-Expressionism’s German flank; the other was Eugen Schönebeck, who would stop painting by the time he was thirty.

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