George W. Bush

Post image for Misunderestimated Painter George W. Bush Is Releasing an Art Book

As part of a continuing effort to paint over his legacy as a war criminal and the worst US president ever, George W. Bush will soon publish an art book.

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Crimes of the Art

by Benjamin Sutton on May 31, 2016

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On this week’s art crime blotter: Spanish police arrested seven people for Francis Bacon heist, a Picasso thief preyed on a Chelsea gallery, and an artist lost his head after someone stole his guillotine sculpture.

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Post image for George W. Bush Started His Art Career on His iPhone

Can George W. Bush eclipse his legacy as a war criminal and one of the worst presidents in American history by continuing to make weird nude self-portraits?

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Post image for The Onion Skewers George W. Bush, the Painter

Yes, the world’s favorite satirical site went there, and their latest video takes aim at former US President George W. Bush’s latest hobby, painting.

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Post image for “Wow. George Bush Is a Painter”

“Wow. George Bush is a painter,” former president George W. Bush told NBC Today interviewers regarding the reception he imagines his paintings of world leaders will receive upon their public release tomorrow.

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George W. Bush’s Aristocratic “Art”

by Mostafa Heddaya on February 26, 2014

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Presidents have painted before, but that doesn’t make this denunciation any less earned. Bush’s diplomacy was bloody, criminal, and disastrous; his “personal diplomacy” is of the same murderous hand.

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Post image for Presenting the First Ever George W. Bush Painting Retrospective [UPDATED]

Now that former US President George W. Bush has been painting his retirement away, and his email is being hacked for a glimpse of the art he is producing, we thought it was time to give him a retrospective of sorts.

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Post image for What People Are Saying About George W. Bush’s Bathroom Paintings

It should be expected that anything related to George W. Bush and art will generate discussion, so we couldn’t wait to see the comments from the netizenry about the latest Presidential Sunday painter.

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Post image for Do Bush’s Paintings Tell Us Anything About the Former President?

Thanks to a hacker with the odd sounding handle of Guccifer (Lucifer of Gucci?) we have all been blessed with a glimpse of the artistic private life of former US President George W. Bush. Guccifer tapped into various Bush emails from the period of 2009–2012, which included private correspondence and family photos, but also his art …

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Remixing Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving

by Hrag Vartanian on November 25, 2010

Post image for Remixing Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving

Even if illustrator-cum-post-modern-artist Norman Rockwell initially titled his iconic work about Thanksgiving, “Freedom From Want“ and never mind that it was published in March 1943, the painting has come to exemplify the picture-perfect American Thanksgiving according to the dominant narrative of American culture.

Many of the individuals in Rockwell’s scene were real-life Vermonters who lived in Rockwell’s town, but what’s more inspiring about this work is the mocking, funny, sweet, and corny parodies it has inspired — many of which I have collected for you.

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