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Post image for A Rainbow of Visual Responses to the Orlando Shooting

As I watched the unbelievable events in Orlando transpire on television news networks and social media, I was so numb that all the information jumbled together.

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Post image for Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton’s Graphic Design Duel on Twitter

There are so many ways for presidential candidates to spar: in debates, in conversation with the press — and now, on social media!

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Post image for The Promise of Glamor and Adventure in Mid-Century Airline Advertising

From the end of World War II to the 1970s, airline travel experienced a revolution in extended routes and better aircrafts.

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Post image for Considering the Immigrant Experience through Political Posters

Since 1989, Center for the Study of Political Graphics in LA has amassed some 85,000 political posters, including many revolving around immigration issues in the United States and Europe.

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Post image for The Man Who Harmonized Form, Function, and Friendliness in Corporate Design

Before the 1950s, most advertising was just copywriting paired with an image with little thought to the overall company or visual identity.

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Post image for The Diverse Designs of “Do Not Disturb” Signs

As the son of a hotel manager, Edoardo Flores spent his childhood around objects many of us associate solely with the niceties of vacation.

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Post image for The Beautiful Mercy of Corita Kent’s Screenprints

Sister Corita Kent’s tenacity as a feminist, civil rights activist, and antiwar demonstrator belied her prim black habit and fueled the silkscreens she made up until her death in 1986.

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Post image for An Atlas Gathers the Most Creative Contemporary Maps

Considering how long the earth’s been around, you’d think it would have already been exhaustively charted. But in recent years, mapmaking has exploded.

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Post image for Norway Unveils Landscape-Inspired Passports and ID Cards

Norwegians will soon have a wonderful reason to renew their passports. Just weeks after Norway’s central bank revealed its new, abstract currency, the National Police Directorate (NPD) announced that Neue Design Studio has won a competition to reimagine the country’s travel documents and identity cards.

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Norway’s Currency Goes Abstract

by Jillian Steinhauer on October 9, 2014

Norway's new currency goes abstract

Ah, Norway. Land of universal health care, widespread wealth, true democracy, and excellent design. In keeping with that last one, the country’s central bank unveiled plans this week for some of the coolest currency we’ve seen in a long time.

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