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Post image for Hundreds of Years of Data Growing on Trees

While data visualization can seem like a modern design focus, it really has its roots in the High Middle Ages when a sudden rise in information and population resulted in the need to convey ideas in an accessible way.

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Post image for Is Pizza Box Art the Most Underappreciated Art?

How much time do you spend looking at the art on a pizza box?

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Post image for A Beautiful New Look for NYC’s Beaches

Pentagram designer Paula Scher has created a beautiful new program of design for NYC’s 14 miles of beaches that presents an optimistic, clean, and attractive vision of what urban beaches should be.

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Post image for The Visual Wit of Designer Alan Fletcher Is Now Online

All work and no play infuses graphic design with a corporate dullness, but that was never the case with Alan Fletcher.

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Post image for The Whitney Museum’s New Logo Goes Nowhere

The Whitney Museum is going back to basics, or at least that’s what you might think with their new brand identity redesign that was unveiled today. Created by Amsterdam-based Experimental Jetset, the new logo is an acute replacement to the rectilinear typeface rolled out 13 years ago and designed by Abbott Miller of New York-based Pentagram. Is this better? Not really.

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Post image for The Allure of Czech Modernist Posters

Last Sunday, the Dutch Poster Museum in Hoorn, The Netherlands, opened its doors for a special exhibition of Czech Modernist posters from the collection of the Lowry Family of New York City.

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Post image for Graphic Design as Political Practice: A Conversation With Metahaven [Part 2]

Metahaven is a graphic design studio based in Amsterdam that uses their work with identity and branding to engage political and social phenomena. The first part of our interview ran yesterday.

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Post image for Graphic Design as Political Practice: A Conversation With Metahaven [Part 1]

Metahaven is an Amsterdam-based design studio made up of its two members and founders, Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden. Yet to describe them simply as a design studio seems misleading. The pair uses graphic design, identity branding, and product development as weapons, harnessing the power of the image in the internet age to design concepts that both signal label and propel political and social change.

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Post image for Amazing Posters from Weimar Germany Going Up for Sale

Germany between the two world wars was a time of stunning creativity. Although it saw the rise of Nazism, the Weimar Era also included the flourishing of Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity) and Dada in visual art, avant-garde theater by the likes of Bertolt Brecht, German Expressionist films, critical writing by a still-renowned group of intellectuals including Theodor Adorno, a huge cabaret scene, and the art and design school the Bauhaus.

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Pushing Back Against Walmart

by Kyle Chayka on November 23, 2012

Post image for Pushing Back Against Walmart

What’s the best way to combat the post-Thanksgiving hangover? Probably not waking up before dawn (or even after dinner) and lining up at a store to buy stuff. This Black Friday, let’s celebrate instead with a slew of anti-consumption posters and memes, many of which are supporting Walmart’s employees in striking against the exploitative store.

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