Grayson Perry

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SYDNEY — The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Australia has mounted the first ever retrospective of Grayson Perry’s work in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Post image for Grayson Perry, Schoolchildren, and Others Design Postcards to Support Syrian Refugees

“MACHO POSTURING / THERE IS NO GOD,” reads British artist Grayson Perry’s newest drawing, which depicts an industrial wasteland with territories marked “fragile hope,” “crap jobs,” and “motorway of dreams (mistaken).”

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Post image for At a Generally Flat Art on Paper Fair, Some Cutting Works

“My kid could do that” is the world’s most clichéd dismissal of Modern art.

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Grayson Perry’s Playing to the Gallery is presented as a beginner’s guide to the machinations of the art world, though it also holds a mirror up to the so-called “certainty freaks” — members of the art world who have an axe to grind or are stubbornly set in their beliefs.

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Post image for Domesticity as Subversion at Miami Art Basel

MIAMI — This morning the mother of all Miami art fairs, Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), opened its doors for a press and VIP preview. Although it was pretty crowded for a preview day, the fair also felt calm and subdued. And the art matched the tone: much of what was on view seemed safe — tried and true artists whose work might amuse, arouse, or provoke, but not offend.

As I wandered around, though, I remembered that quiet isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it can create a space for humor or contemplation. And scattered throughout the fair I found a good number of artworks that embraced that space by way of domesticity.

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Bob and Roberta Smith

Grayson Perry is a cross-dressing British ceramic artist. Bob and Roberta Smith is a single artist who goes by a double name that also functions as an inside joke. Two of the weirder personalities in the contemporary art world, they come together in this video, in which a small sculpture of a dog proudly proclaims, “Conceptual art is shit.”

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Post image for Is the Art World Disengaged “With the Real World”?

According to BBC, the former Turner prize-winner Grayson Perry has called the art establishment disengaged “with the real world.”

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Required Reading

by Hrag Vartanian on January 16, 2011

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The Left Rights’s “I’m on Crack” — Souren Melikian on 20th C Italian figural artists — Glenn Lowry speaks about new plans to expand the MoMA — the 10 best British buildings of the 21st C — Peter Saul interview in the Brooklyn Rail — From the Archives: “How I Got My DIt Degree” — Grayson Perry talks about shock in contemporary art — Anne Hedeman explores how medieval texts are interconnected

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