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Post image for Paying Tribute to Moholy-Nagy with a Concert of Light and Sound

“Moholy-Nagy: Optical Sound,” a recent three-part concert curated by artist Luke DuBois and musician Zach Layton at the Guggenheim Museum, highlighted both the history and the modern trajectory of optically inspired sound, especially as put forth by visual artist László Moholy-Nagy.

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Post image for The Fluid Experimentation of László Moholy-Nagy in a Long-Awaited Retrospective

Decked out in red factory overalls, László Moholy-Nagy cut a striking figure of an avant-garde utopian during his time teaching at the Bauhaus in Dessau from 1923 to 1928.

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Post image for Protesters Shame Guggenheim and Its Trustees with Light Projections [UPDATED]

Last night, in a visually dazzling act of public protest, the artist-activist groups Global Ultra Luxury Faction (G.U.L.F.) and the Illuminator turned the spiral facade of the Guggenheim Museum into a projection screen.

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Post image for Cycling Through Fischli and Weiss’s Impish World

Fischli and Weiss’s sprawling retrospective creates a viewing experience that is funny, frustrating, belabored, and, ultimately, I think, productively unsettling.

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Post image for Take a Bite Out of Modernism with MoMA’s 1988 Architecture Cookie Cutters

Which modern architecture icon makes a better cookie, Eero Saarinen’s sleek TWA Terminal or Frank Lloyd Wright’s spiraling Guggenheim Museum?

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Alberto Burri’s Challenge

by John Yau on October 25, 2015

Alberto Rossi,

The exhibition Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting, currently at the Guggenheim Museum, is the first large-scale survey of this artist’s work in America since the museum’s previous survey in 1978.

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Post image for Tracing Lost Lives in Doris Salcedo’s Domestic Objects

A Colombian artist who creates impossible sculptures out of furniture, hair, grass, and the fabric of everyday life, Salcedo carves out spaces for mourning tragedy.

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Post image for 8 Hours at the Guggenheim’s 24-Hour Party

Every party has a life cycle.

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Post image for The Guggenheims Helsinki and Abu Dhabi: A Telling Tale of Two Outposts

The Guggenheim Helsinki will likely become the third museum of the Solomon R. Guggenheim’s global armada.

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Post image for 60 Art World Luminaries Pressure UAE on “Chilling Precedent” Set by Recent Bans

The directors of some of the world’s most important art institutions, including the Tate and MoMA, have written a letter to UAE-affiliated art organizations asserting that “artists and academics should be allowed free passage to conduct research and work that is done in a peaceful and productive manner.”

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