Guggenheim Museum

Post image for Protesters Rain Down Thousands of Bills in Guggenheim Rotunda

At 6:45 pm ET yesterday evening, a handheld bell sounded in the rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, signaling the second protest action in as many months from the Global Ultra Luxury Faction, or G.U.L.F.

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Post image for Guggenheim Spoof Site Targets Abu Dhabi Controversy

A spoof Guggenheim website,, went live this morning with a satirical “Sustainable Design Competition” for the museum’s embattled Abu Dhabi branch.

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Post image for Activists Take Protest to the Facade of the Guggenheim Museum [UPDATED]

The OWS Illuminator, that infamous visual symbol of Occupy Wall Street, joined Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction (aka G.U.L.F.) yesterday in their fight for workers’s rights on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Post image for Italian Futurism, or the Lessons of Art and Politics

The exhibition Italian Futurism, 1909–1944: Reconstructing the Universe, presently on view at the Guggenheim, is the first important museum survey of work from this seminal utopian Modernist movement seen in New York since Futurism at the Museum of Modern Art in 1961.

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Post image for G.U.L.F. Calls Guggenheim a 1% Global Museum with a 1% Board

A few moments ago, we received the following statement from G.U.L.F. (Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction), which is a direct response to clarifications by the Guggenheim Foundation on claims made by G.U.L.F.

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Post image for Guggenheim Responds: Guards Paid Competitively, Gugg Abu Dhabi Not Under Construction, No Public Forum [UPDATED]

We asked the Guggenheim Foundation for clarification based on yesterday’s G.U.L.F. statement. These are the answers we received.

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Post image for Guggenheim Responds to Saturday’s G.U.L.F. Protest Action

Today, the Guggenheim provided Hyperallergic with the following statement from Director Richard Armstrong in response to our request for comment on Saturday night’s protest action in the museum by G.U.L.F.

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Post image for Protest Action Erupts Inside Guggenheim Museum

Tonight, over 40 protesters staged an intervention inside the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan during Saturday night’s pay-what-you-wish admission hours.

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The Taming of Christopher Wool

by Howard Hurst on November 6, 2013

Post image for The Taming of Christopher Wool

Christopher Wool is having a moment. Arguably his most famous painting, “Apocalypse Now,” will be offered on the auction block on November 12 as part of Christie’s postwar and contemporary art evening sale, with an estimate of $15–20 million. His retrospective at the Guggenheim, organized by associate curator Katherine Brinson, opened late last month to much fanfare.

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Post image for Visions of Light at the Guggenheim

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in New York is one of the most famous contemporary art institutions in the world, and yet part of that fame, lending the place a kind of quasi-notoriety, is the idea that the building itself isn’t actually a great venue for showing art. Or as architecture Paul Goldberger wrote a few years ago in The New Yorker, “the charge that the building upstages the art has become part of its legend.” In my experiences at the Guggenheim, I’ve found that the legend often holds true — the perpetually sloping spirals of the space make for excellent wandering but distracted art viewing. In a new work by Light and Space artist James Turrell, however, the building may have finally found its match.

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