Guggenheim Museum

Post image for 8 Hours at the Guggenheim’s 24-Hour Party

Every party has a life cycle.

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Post image for The Guggenheims Helsinki and Abu Dhabi: A Telling Tale of Two Outposts

The Guggenheim Helsinki will likely become the third museum of the Solomon R. Guggenheim’s global armada.

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Post image for 60 Art World Luminaries Pressure UAE on “Chilling Precedent” Set by Recent Bans

The directors of some of the world’s most important art institutions, including the Tate and MoMA, have written a letter to UAE-affiliated art organizations asserting that “artists and academics should be allowed free passage to conduct research and work that is done in a peaceful and productive manner.”

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Post image for May Day Occupation at Guggenheim Closes Museum #GuggOccupied

At noon today, a group of artists and activists including members of G.U.L.F. unfurled a large parachute in the atrium of the Guggenheim Museum, demanding to meet with a member of the institution’s board of trustees to discuss the labor conditions at its Abu Dhabi site.

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Post image for Artists from Five Galleries Dominate US Museum Shows

The Art Newspaper published the results of research that found that artists from five of the world’s biggest galleries accounted for nearly a third of solo museum shows in the US between 2007 and 2013.

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On Kawara’s Polite Conceptualism

by Peter Malone on March 30, 2015

Post image for On Kawara’s Polite Conceptualism

As my entry into the art world took place just a few years after the Museum of Modern Art’s 1970 Information show, I’ve grown increasingly conscious of an unexpected turn in the positions of several hard-line members of the once aggressively anti-aesthetic conceptual camp.

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Post image for Best of 2014: Our Top 20 NYC Art Shows That Weren’t in Brooklyn

Let’s face it: there’s Brooklyn, and then there’s the rest of New York City. (Sorry, rest of New York City!)

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Post image for Guggenheim Seeks Volunteer Readers for On Kawara Retrospective

If you’ve ever wanted to sit at a table and read dates out loud for an hour — or rather, if you’ve ever wanted to be part of an On Kawara artwork — you’re about to get your chance.

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Post image for The Origins and Evolution of Group ZERO

There are undoubtedly many stories attributed to the founding of ZERO in post-World War II Germany, as there were with the inception of Dada during the earlier Great War that raged outside the Swiss borders from 1914–18.

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Post image for Protesters Unfurl Three-Story Banner in Guggenheim Museum

A thirty-nine-foot banner was unfurled in the rotunda of a sparsely-attended Guggenheim Museum this evening, the latest action carried out by the Gulf Ultra Luxury Front (G.U.L.F.) activist group.

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