Gyorgy Kepes

Post image for Keith Sonnier’s Tactile Formulations in Neon and Glass

Relatively speaking, Keith Sonnier’s interest in the connections between nature and technology has a long history. His early minimal-style, classical neons from 1968–1970 have a highly reductive, classical, nearly stoic appearance. The more recent formulations, though extravagantly tactile, were less evident in the beginning.

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Post image for What’s Wrong With Technological Art vs. the Maker Faire

“What’s Wrong With Technological Art?” was the vexing question posed by the tony New Museum panel assembled by Megan Heuer featuring Heather Corcoran, the new executive director of Rhizome, and art historians Judith Rodenbeck, and Gloria Sutton. The event indadvertedly dove tailed with the recent September Artforum issue about the frayed divide between the art world and technological art. The bon mot award for the evening came from rehashing the 1967 quote of Philip Leider, editor of Artforum, who once penned the uber snarky statement, “I can’t imagine Artforum ever doing a special issue on electronics or computers in art, but one never knows.”

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