Hennessy Youngman

Post image for From Black Performance to Stuff on a Shelf, a Visit to Five Shows in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s summer in the USA, and that means it’s group-show season on both coasts.

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Post image for Time Traveling with Jayson Musson and Dave Chappelle

“Maybe all you needed was a little hip-hop pizzazz,” says Jamel (James III) in the first episode of artist Jayson Musson’s new time travel comedy series, The Adventures of Jamel.

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Art After the Internet

by Abe Ahn on March 10, 2014

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LOS ANGELES — Much of contemporary life is spent behind a screen for work and leisure, with a great amount of time devoted to forming identities and communities through the internet.

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Twitter as Art

by Ben Valentine on July 13, 2012

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After thinking through the idea of Tumblr as art, I began to find the difference between various social media platforms glaringly obvious. Marshall McCluhan’s phrase “the medium is the message” came to mind. How do settings and mediums change or possibly mandate artistic intention? After exploring Tumblr’s unique qualities, I wanted to expand the focus to another relatively new platform for artistic creation, Twitter.

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The Problem with Hennessy Youngman

by Don Edler on June 8, 2012

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Jayson Musson is a very popular man in the art world. His YouTube account has over 900,000 views, and his fans are rabid. The funny thing is, though, most of his fans probably have no idea who he is. Here’s the answer: Jayson Musson is the artist behind Hennessy Youngman.

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Post image for MTV Sucks and Other Thoughtz from an Art Micro-celebrity

Jayson Musson aka Hennessy Youngman aka Mr. AKA’s might proclaim himself to be many things (including Mitt Romney’s drug dealer), but Tuesday night at Electronic Arts Intermix’s (EAI) screening of his web series Art Thoughtz, Musson seemed reluctant to embrace his identity as an art world celebrity. He pointed to the fact that in total, his videos had only received a little over two million views, which is nothing special in comparison with other viral video stars.

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Post image for Hennessy Youngman’s Hilariously Spot on Take on Damien Hirst

For the 10 people who haven’t seen this video yet, I’ve decided to finally post it since I keep receiving emails and messages about it. Enjoy.

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