Post image for Have Your Instagram Photo “Knocked Off” by Infamous Art Forger Mark Landis

To celebrate the release of the Art and Craft feature documentary, Hyperallergic is offering two readers the chance to have their Instagram posts “knocked off” by notorious art forger Mark Landis.

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Post image for First-ever Instagram Video Series Lampoons the Art World

The deadbeat artist. The streetside genius. The greedy gallerist and vacuous collector. Spend much time in the often elite and mystifying art world, and you’re bound to discover some truth in each stereotype. But if you’d rather not, just watch Artistically Challenged, a comedic new “television series” that launched July 1 on Instagram.

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Post image for In a Brooklyn Gallery, Yale Meets Instagram

The 36 photographs currently on view at Sushi Bar Gallery are the works of 19 alumni of the Yale Photography MFA program. With the prints framed and hung neatly on the gallery’s white walls, the show seems like any other standard group exhibition — except for this one, the curators pulled the images from the artists’ personal Instagram streams.

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Post image for Is iPhone Photography Getting Better?

When most people think of iPhone photography, they think of Instagram. But not everybody is enamored with the popular app: namely, some professional photographers.

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Post image for Sotheby’s Uses Instagram to Announce “Breaking News”

We’re growing accustomed to the auction world’s desire to be perceived as cool. First it was skateboarding videos, then selfies, and now “breaking news” via Instagram.

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Post image for Instagrams from Frieze Week

We’ve been having a lot of fun with our Instagram feed, and over the last week we gave followers a firsthand look at the art fairs and events in New York during Frieze Week.

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Post image for Is That an Instagram Slide Projector in Your Pocket?

It’s hard not to be enamored with Projecteo, a mini-projector for your Instagram photos.

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Post image for Internet Crack: Your Instagram Memories on Marshmallows

Is it possible that some internet memories are so good that you can almost taste them? Well, Boomf — aka Magic Mallows — is banking on our need to consume memories in more ways than one.

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Post image for What If Instagram Was Part of Art History?

Every wonder what art history would’ve been like if Instagram was around for some pivotal moments?

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Leaving Comments for Propagandists

by An Xiao on September 12, 2013

Post image for Leaving Comments for Propagandists

OAKLAND, Calif. — Part of what makes propaganda effective is the way it uses words that collectively sound like they mean something but ultimately signal very little.

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