Post image for How MoMA Workers Are Using Instagram to Put Faces on Contract Negotiations

Ever since the Museum of Modern Art’s contract negotiations with members of the United Autoworkers Local 2110 took a very public turn earlier this month, the Instagram account @MoMALocal2110 has been telling the stories of workers who would be affected by the proposed healthcare cuts.

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Post image for Talks Between the MoMA and Its Workers Stall Following Protest

A demonstration on Tuesday by workers at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) did little to advance negotiations between a union representing over 200 employees at the institution and museum administrators, who are maintaining their call for a cut to employee healthcare coverage.

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Post image for Does Adding Filters Make Your Photos More or Less Popular?

Filters, those in-camera photo editing presets that turn your so-so iPhone snapshots into Cartier-Bresson-esque encapsulations of the human spirit, have a direct impact on the popularity of the images shared on social media.

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Post image for Woman Found Guilty of Criminal Harassment for Instagramming Street Art

Jennifer Pawluck, the Montrealer who was arrested in 2013 for posting a photo of a piece of street art on Instagram, has been convicted of criminal harassment and, on Thursday, was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and 18 months probation.

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Are Emojis a Language?

by Becca Rothfeld on May 6, 2015

Post image for Are Emojis a Language?

Do emoji, which comprise so much of our textual communication, really constitute a language?

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Post image for Miss Your Disposable Camera? There’s an App for That

If we’re so fed up with the performativity that accompanies technological advances in photography, why don’t we just trash our iPhones and revert to real Polaroids?

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Post image for Instagram Photos Reappear on the Streets Where They Were Taken

What if instead of only showing up online, your Instagram photos of sunsets, street art, photogenic cityscapes, or alluring strangers on subway platforms were posted back into New York City’s public spaces?

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Installation view, 'Richard Prince: New Portraits' (2014), Gagosian Gallery, New York (all photos by Sean Fader)

Richard Prince unwittingly gave an emerging conceptual artist his Gagosian debut. The appropriation artist’s current Gagosian exhibition New Portraits — which Hyperallergic’s Tiernan Morgan dismissed as “an amusing exercise, but it doesn’t translate as great art” — features an Instagram photo from Sean Fader’s social media art piece “#wishingpelt.”

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Richard Prince, Inc.

by Tiernan Morgan on October 9, 2014

Installation view,

Richard Prince: New Portraits consists of 37 of the artist’s so-called “Instagram paintings,” each of which, if we’re to believe an anonymous source of the New York Post, are selling for around $100,000. The series, which includes photographs of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, Elizabeth Jagger, and Sky Ferreira, feels cheap and underwhelming.

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Post image for China Blocks Instagram Amid Censorship of Hong Kong Protests

China has blocked Instagram, various media outlets are reporting, after monitoring sites like Blocked in China and Great Fire were unable to access it.

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