Post image for Werner Herzog Taps into the Humanity of the Internet

Recently, I had to explain to a friend without internet access who Werner Herzog is.

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Post image for Welcome to World Wide West: A Summit on the “Side Effects” of Technology

POINT ARENA, Calif. — A few months ago, a group of artists, writers, curators, and creative technologists received an email with a link to a video requesting participation in a summit held in the small coastal town of Point Arena, California. I was one of 30 individuals who received the message.

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How Many Colors Can Most of Us Actually See?

by Kemy Lin on March 2, 2015

Post image for How Many Colors Can Most of Us Actually See?

In the last few days, a LinkedIn article about differences in individual color vision by Diana Derval, President and Research Director of DervalResearch and self-professed “Expert in Neuromarketing,” has made rounds on the internet.

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Dress Color Controversy Engulfs the Internet

by Kemy Lin on February 27, 2015

Post image for Dress Color Controversy Engulfs the Internet

Perhaps it doesn’t take Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom to #BreaktheInternet. An image of a perfectly innocent lace sheath dress has made its way around the internet — no bare bottoms or exposed skin in sight — as its colors have become the subject of heated debate.

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Post image for A Field Guide to the Invisible Internet Infrastructure of NYC

The internet can seem ubiquitous and invisible at once, but it relies on an elaborate infrastructure that’s sometimes buried just below our feet.

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Post image for A Museum Dedicated to the Internet Is Opening in Germany

What is continually changing, always expanding, and ultimately boundless? If you spend more time staring at a computer screen than you do looking up at the stars, your answer might not be the universe, but the internet.

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The SLAC homepage in 1996

Now you can go back to where the World Wide Web started in the United States with the country’s first website. Launched in December of 1991, the website for the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory had little more than text and a few links.

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Post image for Actors Re-Create YouTube Comment Wars

With notable exceptions, I tend to think of most internet comment sections as a kind of hell. In that scheme, YouTube comments would comprise their own circle. But, really, why get angry or upset about YouTube comments when you could simply laugh?

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Post image for 5 Ephemeral Internet Pages That Wink at Ubiquitous Popular Culture Figures and Tropes in a Way That Will Surely Amuse You and For a Moment Alleviate Your Crushing Alienation

If the title doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this post … well, then we can’t help you …

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Post image for Generate Exhibition Titles with the Click of a Button

I was extremely pleased this afternoon when Museum Nerd tweeted the Lazy Curator Random Exhibition Title Generator. Conceived by Rebecca Uchill and programmed by Ben Guaraldi, the site, well, generates amazing exhibition titles at the click of a button.

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