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Post image for The First Code Acquired by Smithsonian’s Design Museum Is Released to the World

The Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum is getting onboard with digital acquisitions, this week announcing their first code addition to their collection.

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Post image for Experimental iPhone App Lets You Paint Light With Noise

It’s no secret New York City is noisy, from subway platforms where readings have been recorded over 100 decibels to the construction zones constantly tearing down and redeveloping all over the five boroughs. Yet when I was walking around and experimenting with artist Dylan Römer’s new iOS app Sonograph, the abundance of noise became even more apparent. The app uses the iPhone or iPad to record video, or just a photograph, that is then distorted based on the sound coming into the microphone, letting you “paint light with noise.”

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Spinning Art with an iPad App

by An Xiao on July 17, 2012

Post image for Spinning Art with an iPad App

LOS ANGELES — Circles are endemic to the art world. Who you place in your circle — and who places you in theirs — is an act of social currency, particularly important in a world often run by social relations. But circles are also beautiful, forming iconic architecture like the Guggenheim in New York, religious imagery like Tibetan mandalas, and, of course, Kandinsky’s famous circles.

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Post image for A Step Beyond Looking at Art: MoMA’s New iPad App

MoMA’s new Art Lab iPad app helps you look beyond simply looking at work, you can learn about it by engaging in creation.

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Post image for MFA Boston Rolls Out New iPad Catalogue of American Collection

LOS ANGELES — The iPad catalogue trend continues, this time with a gorgeous new digital catalogue released by the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. Celebrating their Paintings of the Americas collection, the catalogue offers a timeline of American history through painting, with chapters like “The Colonies Go for Baroque” and a section on 19th C. painter John Singer Sargent.

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Post image for Smithsonian Channel Unveils a Great New iPad App

LOS ANGELES — New in the Apple Store this month is the Smithsonian Channel’s iPad app, which lets you play videos from the Channel’s extensive programming. It includes short clips for a quick burst of knowledge during the day, as well as longer documentaries for an extended viewing.

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New Beta Site Helps You Make an App for Free

by An Xiao on February 21, 2012

Post image for New Beta Site Helps You Make an App for Free

LOS ANGELES — It comes up in every conversation I have with art-and-technology types. “I have an app idea,” a friend will say. But then comes the inevitable question: “Do you know any developers?”

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Post image for LACMA Lets You Play Exquisite Corpse on Your iPhone

LOS ANGELES — Just a day after I reviewed LACMA’s In Wonderland exhibition of surrealist female artists, I came across their new app. Designed by media artist Jody Zellen, Art Swipe starts you off with 16 images from the show. The images are cut in three and arranged with others on the screen, allowing you simply to slide the images until you find a mash-up you like.

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New App Puts SLR Features Into Your iPhone

by An Xiao on January 25, 2012

Post image for New App Puts SLR Features Into Your iPhone

How do you make your iPhone act more like your SLR? Well, Chicago-based Ben Syverson has an app for that.

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Post image for Required Reading: iPad Art Apps and More

This week, the anti-slavery origins of the Christmas tree in the US, iPad art apps, Ai Weiwei documentary, Georgian architecture, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, danger in Pompeii, the state of the New Orleans art scene and Stocking.

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