Post image for Gathering Gossip and Parsing Truth at the Istanbul Biennial

ISTANBUL — “Gossip,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is “trifling or groundless rumour.” I actually like to think of it as knowledge, but the kind that’s not considered true or rational — at least not yet anyway.

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Post image for Allegedly Fake Joan Mirós Trigger Trials in Turkey

On November 20, 2013, an exhibition titled Miró in Istanbul opened at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s Tophane-i Amire Culture and Arts Center, but its two-month run was cut short when the objects on view were denounced as fake and it closed on December 20.

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Post image for Art that Opens Our Eyes to Istanbul’s Political Disintegration

ISTANBUL — The ground was literally shaking as we walked into the dilapidated Rizzo Palace on the island of Büyükada, the biggest of the Prince Islands of Istanbul.

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Post image for In Two Istanbul Galleries, Artists Piece Together Memories of Gezi

ISTANBUL — Central Istanbul looks markedly different today than it did around this time two years ago.

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Post image for What Is the Role of an Intellectual During a Revolution?

ISTANBUL — Last Saturday Yassin al-Haj Saleh, one of the most vocal intellectuals of the Syrian Civil War or Revolution (depending on your perspective), attended a screening of Our Terrible Country (2014) at SALT Galata.

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Post image for In the Wake of Gezi, Taking Stock of Istanbul’s Art Scene

ISTANBUL — What are the ramifications of the Gezi Taksim protests for the artistic community in Istanbul and, by extension, the arts in Turkey?

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Selfie Justification

by Alicia Eler on March 17, 2014

Post image for Selfie Justification

LOS ANGELES — I hit the brakes at a stoplight and turn my head to the left. I spot a young woman waiting for the bus. In golden capital letters on her t-shirt, the words WHY NOT shine boldly.

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Post image for As the Ottoman Empire Turns: Taner Ceylan on Occupy Gezi and Turkish Taboos

German-born, Istanbul-based Turkish artist Taner Ceylan, a prominent Turkish artist whose work deals with the hidden histories of the Ottoman Empire.

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Post image for Urban Heroes of Istanbul: It’s About Public Space

ISTANBUL — Last Monday night, the word on Twitter was that the police tanks were coming back to the square from the southeast. Thousands rallied, adorned in their bike helmets, swimming goggles, and bright smiles underneath their gas masks.

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Post image for Reading the Writing on the Wall at #OccupyGezi, Part 2

ISTANBUL — ‘Look at all the things a few trees can do!’ reads this graffitti near Tünel on Istiklal Boulevard. Erdoğan infamously dismissed the protests in a speech where he said ‘This is all too much for a few little trees.’ Of course, the trees were symbols of the general policy of the AKP government of sellling public land to private coorporations without public consent.

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