James Bridle


Objectifying Our Digital Lives

by E. Odin Cathcart on September 30, 2015

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PORTLAND, Ore. — For the first time the New York art nonprofit Eyebeam has brought an exhibition to the West Coast and, unironically, chose Portland.

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Post image for Art Projects That Toe the Line Between Sharing and Surveillance

This is going to sound absurd, but: who watches the watchers of the watchmen?

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Post image for The Last Rooms Immigrants See Before Being Deported

LONDON — At the heart of artist, writer, and technologist James Bridle’s project is the notion that the images that we are not shown are just as carefully selected as the ones we are: in this day and age, visual concealment is tactical, not accidental.

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Post image for Tracing a Path from Cubism to Digital Art

I first learned about Cubism in an art history class my sophomore year of college. I remember the moment of revelation, after reading a lot about but still failing to grasp what exactly Picasso and Braque were after. In the darkened lecture hall one afternoon, our teacher summed it up this way: how sparingly could you paint a face while still having the viewer understand it as a face? What was the bare minimum required for representation? As legend has it, these questions and the art they inspired changed the course of art history forever.

Is the same true of the digital revolution? That’s the premise of Decenter, an exhibition curated Andrianna Campbell and Daniel S. Palmer and currently on view at the Abrons Arts Center.

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10 Pivotal Moments for Digital Art in 2012

by Kyle Chayka on December 27, 2012

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2012 was a great year for digital art. As Tumblr rocketed over 25 million hits a month and Instagram became a new venue for creative expression, artists continued to traverse the internet’s sprawling landscape and confront us with the weirdness of our own experiences of virtual space. In this end-of-year roundup, I’ll look at ten events, moments, and trends that marked these past 12 months in digital art.

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Post image for Know Your Drones With This Model Identification Kit

Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? Nope, it’s a remote-controlled surveillance and/or killing machine. James Bridle, the coiner of the New Aesthetic, has created a model kit to help civilians better understand their UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

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Post image for Is the New Aesthetic a Thing? Searching for Signs in Tupac and Google

LOS ANGELES — So much has been said about the New Aesthetic. But is it a thing?

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