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In Case it Rains in Heaven

by Allison Meier on January 31, 2012

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The heart of a society is most open when dealing with death. Its spoken and unspoken fears and hopes, both for life and the afterlife, are embedded in rituals of remembrance and memorial. In China, this has taken the form of detailed objects made of Joss paper that are burned for the deceased.

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Jen Bekman’s Zombie Army

by Kyle Chayka on March 24, 2011

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Watch your back, art world. There’s a dark force quietly building on the margins, slowly growing strong on a diet of cheap print editions and Tumblr posts. Yes, it’s Jen Bekman’s Zombie Army, and they’re here to EAT YOUR BRAINS sell you art!

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There are condos going up all over Williamsburg, facades decked out with panels of bright colors that bring to mind a sort of yuppie Piet Mondrian: sickly oranges, pea greens and off-reds, all surfaced fiberglass matte and smooth. All those bare walls seen through the under-construction picture windows must need something to hang on them, right? In the burgeoning gallery scene on the Lower East Side, Jen Bekman has an answer: anemically pretty, blandly abstract paintings by Jessica Snow.

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Post image for Start of Something Big: Lawrence Weiner on 20×200

A fan of large run prints, Kyle senses something big — maybe “revolutionary” — about the Weiner print. He writes, ” … contemporary art can be dangerous; it can quietly change lives … Here’s to hoping ‘Head Over Heels’ is an invasion of contemporary art into the most ordinary of every day life.”

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Art World Ikeas

by Kyle Chayka on April 14, 2010

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A new generation of websites selling prints by contemporary artists are emerging as the Ikeas of the art world — they sell editions, from large to small runs, of different kinds of work, from traditional prints to paintings and drawings. At high volume and low prices, these sites make the most of their populist position: buying art need not be hard!

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