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The Pursuit of Art, 2014

by Thomas Micchelli on December 27, 2014

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The exhibitions that rippled through our cultural fabric over the past year, at least those occurring in and around New York, have registered the predictable number of highs and lows, though 2014 did manage to plumb one nadir unlikely to be matched for a good long time.

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Jenny Holzer,

Is an exhibition ever too beautiful for its own good? Jenny Holzer’s new show at Cheim & Read, Dust Paintings, is ravishing. But the sensuality of these text-based abstractions, done in oil on linen in mostly muted colors, runs counter to their content, which is derived from declassified government reports of brutalization and death during the Afghan War.

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What happens when you combine Ray Rice, football, a meme, and Jenny Holzer?

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Censored, blown up by terrorists, and the subject of a four-year legal battle with Chase Manhattan Bank, Mimi Smith’s 1982 installation “October 1, 1981,” an artwork inspired by television news, was briefly the subject of the news itself.

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Post image for Dispatches from Hell: Nancy Spero’s Cruel Beauty

Nancy Spero died in 2009 at the age of 83. The current exhibition of her hand-printed collages from the 1980s and 1990s, From Victimage to Liberation, at Galerie Lelong in Chelsea, is the first show in New York to focus on her work since her death.

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Post image for Why Are We Revisiting the Times Square Show?

Thirty-two years after being labeled the “first radical art show of the ’80s,” the Times Square Show, a raucous and revolutionary DIY art exhibition held in an abandoned massage parlor on 41st Street and Seventh Avenue in the old dirty and devastated Times Square, has been revived by the Hunter College Art Galleries in the exhibition Times Square Show Revisited.

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Art Is Free …Sometimes

by Howard Hurst on September 4, 2012

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There are many an artist who dedicate themselves to subverting the commodification of their own work and the current exhibition at Nurture Art, Is This Free?, addresses the topic with a three-part summer exhibition.

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Post image for Finding Common Ground at City Hall

City Hall Park’s newest exhibit has artists realizing public monuments as acts of memorial and common experience, as well as shared moments of public art whimsy.

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Post image for Jenny Holzer’s Cat, Ugly Renaissance Babies and Other Art World Meme Trends

The idea of an art meme feels counterintuitive: art is supposed to reflect deep issues about society and self, or at least be technically complex, while memes are quick hacks about cats, shit people say and dancing Obamas. But this past year, the internet has been seeing a ton of new memes that involve the arts.

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Post image for Manhattan Cathedral Explores Water in Art

If you’re near Columbia University, there’s an art show that sounds worthwhile exploring and it’s devoted to water. The Cathedral of St. John, which has long had an established art program, is tackling the topic of H2O in their current art show that features some major artists, including Jenny Holzer, William Kentridge, Robert Longo and Mark Rothko, alongside lesser known talents. The works are presented in the bays of the nave, in various chapels, and along the walls of the Great Crossing.

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