Post image for Right-wing Protesters Attack Art Talk in Jerusalem

WEST JERUSALEM — In retrospect, we were complacent. We thought that the opposition would fade away by the time of the event, or at most, the action would amount to a polite protest vigil.

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Post image for In Jerusalem’s Old City, a Different Kind of Cubism

EAST JERUSALEM — Walking through the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City it is hard not be to fascinated by the folk paintings appearing on the homes of pilgrims who returned from the Hajj in Mecca.

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Post image for In Ongoing Palestine-Israel Archeology Politics, the Conflict Over a Cemetery and a Museum

History is compressed in Jerusalem, where settlements go back thousands of years and every step is over layers of archeology. And in a place where land and its ownership is constantly in conflict, especially over who-was-here-first, this archeology has long been embedded with politics, especially in the relationship between Israel and Palestine.

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