Jonathan Horowitz

Post image for Prends-Ça! A Paris Exhibition Invites Visitors to Take the Artworks with Them

PARIS — Take Me (I’m Yours) at the Monnaie de Paris revives and expands a 1995 exhibition curated by Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist at London’s Serpentine Gallery, in which all the art is designed to be touched and taken away.

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Post image for Cats-in-Residence Is a Cat Show with a Purrrrrpose

LOS ANGELES — The Cats-in-Residence Program, which opened last month at 356 Mission, takes a decidedly different approach, putting the cats themselves at the center of the experience.

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The Aesthetics of Democracy

by Ben Valentine on December 25, 2012

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BERKELEY, California — This election year both candidates used overly aestheticized imagery for their campaigns, but what is the place for quality art in our democracy?

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Post image for Does Authentic Social Critique Have a Place in Miami Fair Week?

MIAMI — Sometimes, the art world likes to slum it — hit up a yet-to-be-gentrified artist-studio neighborhood and forget about the world of the white cube. Miami, with its glitz, art-deco hotels, and penchant for plastic surgery, is quite a bit less gritty than New York City, but on Thursday night, artist Jonathan Horowitz brought a little bit of kitschy, lowbrow culture into a hotel party more notable for its glossy veneer and shiny clientele than any measure of local reality.

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