Judith Bernstein

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With her remarkable new exhibition at Mary Boone — her second at the gallery in eight months — Judith Bernstein resurrects the imagery of her Vietnam-era works in a savage takedown of contemporary American politics and its testosterone-fueled will to power.

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The Pursuit of Art, 2015

by Thomas Micchelli on December 26, 2015

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2015 was the Year of the Whitney.

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Post image for Seeking the Real at Art Basel Miami Beach

So where were they? An Inside Art column published in The New York Times a week before the opening of Art Basel Miami Beach dangled the prospect of a more inclusive fair this year, one that would feature “A Focus on Female Artists,” as the headline put it.

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Judith Bernstein,

Sometimes you think you have a handle on an artist’s work, and then a new piece of information comes along that casts it in an entirely different light.

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Post image for Six Pioneering Feminist Artists Conquer New York

With recent statistics showing that only 31% of the solo exhibitions at NYC galleries are devoted to women, it comes as a pleasant surprise that over a two-month period this spring there are several exhibitions simultaneously showcasing the work of second-generation feminist artists.

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The Pursuit of Art, 2014

by Thomas Micchelli on December 27, 2014

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The exhibitions that rippled through our cultural fabric over the past year, at least those occurring in and around New York, have registered the predictable number of highs and lows, though 2014 did manage to plumb one nadir unlikely to be matched for a good long time.

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Post image for Probing the Unknowable: Judith Bernstein’s Black Light Paintings

Sometimes ferocity fades over time. Sometimes it doesn’t. For Judith Bernstein, it just gets bigger, brighter and wilder. Now in her seventies, Bernstein has been dishing out the unpalatable for more than forty years with no sign of letting up.

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The Pursuit of Art, 2012

by Thomas Micchelli on December 29, 2012

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Tomorrow, Patti Smith will turn 66. The day before yesterday, on the 27th, her longtime guitarist Lenny Kaye reached the same age. “We’re three days apart,” Smith announced last week in the atrium of the Museum of Modern Art at her “walk-in” concert celebrating the birthday of the French writer Jean Genet.

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Post image for Big, Bigger, Biggest: Judith Bernstein Breaks Through

Is this Judith Bernstein’s moment? With her work now on display in two New York museums, the art world is finally catching up with this uncompromising artist. And it’s taken only four and a half decades.

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Post image for Big Name Artists Hit the Street With Bowery Murals

As part of the Festival of Ideas For the New City anchored by the New Museum, a group of major artists have sprinkled the Bowery with murals. In collaboration with the Art Production Fund, painters including Mary Heilmann, Richard Prince and Jacqueline Humphries created murals for the roll-down metal gates of restaurant supply stores on the historic street. The trick is that these murals are only visible at night, after the stores close. Over the course of one evening’s sunset, I went on a scouting mission to photograph the works in their native habitat. Click through for the photo essay.

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