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Longing for Keith Haring’s Lighthearted Penises

by John Sherman on September 13, 2016

Post image for Longing for Keith Haring’s Lighthearted Penises

It may seem unusual to uphold a book of penis drawings as a significant art-historical moment, but Manhattan Penis Drawings for Ken Hicks creates an unignorable link between Haring’s early work and his homosexuality.

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Post image for Keith Haring Envisions Manhattan as a Kingdom of Penises

Manhattan is full of dicks. Keith Haring, perhaps the most famous 1980s pop and graffiti artist to come out of New York’s downtown scene, knew this well.

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Post image for A Guide to New York City’s Historic Artist Studios

In New York City’s constantly changing urban landscape, artist studios can be ephemeral.

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Post image for Art that Acknowledges Death Without Showing the Body

Every autumn in New York, leaves fall, grass turns brittle, and people are reminded of death.

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Post image for Keith Haring in Corn, and Other Artistic Thanksgiving Plates

This Thanksgiving, up your plating game and with some artist-inspired dishes courtesy of San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein.

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Post image for Trump’s Menstrala Art Moment: A Short History of Election Art

In certain parlors, the mixing of art and politics is considered vulgar. If so, then vulgarity reigns supreme in the memory of recent presidential elections.

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Post image for How a Queer Asian Artist Infiltrated the New York Scene Through Dress-Up and Self-Portraiture

As an Asian boy growing up middle-class in America, I was taught assimilation was key.

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Keith Haring,

Ten years ago, the Morgan Library & Museum decided it was time to bring its collection up to speed on the art of drawing in the 20th and 21st centuries — a daunting task in itself, and even more improbable in the face of a superheated, late-capitalist art market: at the feast of the trophy-eaters, would the museum be forced to content itself with scraps?

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Post image for Keith Haring and the Artist as Witness

SAN FRANCISCO — At the end of the 2012 documentary How to Survive a Plague, we see a group of ACT UP protestors march on the nation’s capital with the ashes of their dead, a counterprotest to the exhibition of the AIDS Quilt on the Washington Mall.

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Post image for At New York’s LGBT Center, a Renovation Pushes Art to the Fore

On Tuesday the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center (LGBT Center) in New York’s Greenwich Village offered a sneak peek at its nearly complete $9.2 million renovation, which, among other things, aims to showcase the exceptional art sprinkled throughout the building.

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