Keith Haring

Post image for How a Queer Asian Artist Infiltrated the New York Scene Through Dress-Up and Self-Portraiture

As an Asian boy growing up middle-class in America, I was taught assimilation was key.

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Keith Haring,

Ten years ago, the Morgan Library & Museum decided it was time to bring its collection up to speed on the art of drawing in the 20th and 21st centuries — a daunting task in itself, and even more improbable in the face of a superheated, late-capitalist art market: at the feast of the trophy-eaters, would the museum be forced to content itself with scraps?

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Post image for Keith Haring and the Artist as Witness

SAN FRANCISCO — At the end of the 2012 documentary How to Survive a Plague, we see a group of ACT UP protestors march on the nation’s capital with the ashes of their dead, a counterprotest to the exhibition of the AIDS Quilt on the Washington Mall.

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Post image for At New York’s LGBT Center, a Renovation Pushes Art to the Fore

On Tuesday the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center (LGBT Center) in New York’s Greenwich Village offered a sneak peek at its nearly complete $9.2 million renovation, which, among other things, aims to showcase the exceptional art sprinkled throughout the building.

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Post image for Real or Not? New York Hotel Flaunts Contested Keith Haring Painting

High up among the stars, red and green dancers wriggle. They squiggle across the upturned belly of a writhing, orange snake, itself carried aloft by two bold stick figures. It’s obviously a Keith Haring work. Or at least it looks like one. But in case you had questions, a golden plaque beside it announces, “Called Fake By The Haring Foundation Without Even Examining the Painting.”

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Post image for Break Through the Lines with Artist-Designed Coloring Books

For anyone soothed by the careful filling in of white space or enthused by wrecking it all with random slashes of color and unconventional hues, there’s been a recent influx of coloring books created by artists.

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Post image for Pop Music’s Love Affair with Contemporary Art

For too long there has been a large divide (whether real or imagined) between visual art and music. After all, what we came to call art most likely formed out of traditional ceremonies with music, dance, shrines, costumes, and ritual objects all working together. Now, that boundary is collapsing again.

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Post image for Why Are We Revisiting the Times Square Show?

Thirty-two years after being labeled the “first radical art show of the ’80s,” the Times Square Show, a raucous and revolutionary DIY art exhibition held in an abandoned massage parlor on 41st Street and Seventh Avenue in the old dirty and devastated Times Square, has been revived by the Hunter College Art Galleries in the exhibition Times Square Show Revisited.

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Post image for Keith Haring Products Redefine the Ability to Find Pleasure in Art

Last week I got an email advertising a collaboration between Shepard Fairey’s apparel company OBEY and the Keith Haring Foundation, resulting in T-shirts, tank tops and baseball hats — including one with an unsettling combination of Haring’s three-eyed face and Fairey’s OBEY graphic — sold at mall hipster-mecca Urban Outfitters. This was enough to make begin questioning the Keith Haring Foundation’s treatment of the artist’s legacy — and then I heard about the Tenga x Keith Haring sex toys.

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Bangin’ Haring Baby Bib

by Ben Valentine on June 11, 2012

Post image for Bangin’ Haring Baby Bib

Walking through a Duane Reade the other day looking for a snack, I stumbled across this Keith Haring Baby Bib by Bumkins.

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