Post image for Chinese Officials Remove Ai Weiwei Work from Exhibition

Ai Weiwei’s art star celebrity status sometimes eclipses the political realities of his life, but the Chinese government is always quick with a reminder. The latest controversy: local cultural officials in Shanghai have scrubbed and censored Ai’s name and work from an exhibition about the history of contemporary Chinese art, the New York Times reported.

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Post image for Designing Spaces for a Better Death

As life spans extend and the window of time in which we experience death widens — hospital visits, hospice care, nursing homes, funeral homes — some architects are considering how we can better design for this final chapter.

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Post image for Ai Weiwei Stars in Short Sci-Fi Film

Who could forget Ai Weiwei’s foray into music last spring? Now he’s branching out creatively once more, this time with his first acting role.

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Post image for The Nomadic Arctic Landmass that Became a New Nation

Back in 2012, a curious landmass journeyed around the coast of England, broken free from the Arctic, where it had long been invisible under a glacier. Nowhereisland, as it was anointed by its discoverer, artist Alex Hartley, became land art on a massive scale.

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Post image for Using Biofeedback Technology for a Game That Knows Your Fear

A game currently under development uses your own anxiety to make its play increasingly horrifying as you get more scared, and it also aims to help people confront their fear.

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Kickstarter Hacked, User Data Stolen

by Hrag Vartanian on February 15, 2014

Post image for Kickstarter Hacked, User Data Stolen

Tonight, Kickstarter announced they had a security breach early this week, and they didn’t know until law enforcement officials told them on Wednesday night.

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Post image for Lincoln’s Loveseat: Help Restore the ‘Courting Couch’ Where Abe Wooed His Babe

There are plenty of artifacts of Abraham Lincoln, from his fine pocket watch acquired while he was a successful Illinois lawyer to the presidential top hat he’s believed to have worn for that infamous 1865 evening at Ford’s Theater.

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Post image for Spike Lee Doesn’t Do the Right Thing [UPDATED]

When famed film director Spike Lee launched a Kickstarter project for “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint” this past summer, we rolled our eyes. But when Spike Lee hires unpaid interns and steals a designer’s work — well, then we feel compelled to say something.

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Post image for New Small Press Seeks Big Old Letterpress

CHICAGO — Reports of print’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Outpost Magazine is one testament to this; another is Meekling Press, a very small Chicago-based book press that is committed to creating small editions of hand-bound books, as well as paperback editions.

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Post image for Turning an Experiment in Musical Architecture into a Village

A New Orleans project that started in 2011 as an experiment with musical architecture is planning a return, although this time with roving ramshackle structures that can eventually become a permanent soundscape in the city.

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