Leonardo da Vinci

Post image for Scientists Identify the Fungi Clouding Leonardo’s Self-Portrait

A red chalk sketch from around 1512 CE, long believed to be a self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, has a glowering, bearded man’s face emerging from a swarm of brown spots. Kept safely in the vaults of the Biblioteca Reale in Turin, the portrait’s power, despite the imperfections, has even gained rumors of supposedly magical powers.

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Post image for Erased Nude Discovered in a Leonardo da Vinci Notebook

It seems like there’s always something new to discover in the thousands of pages of notes and drawings left behind by Leonardo da Vinci, whether it’s a sketch for an early refrigerator or an illustration of a viola organista fusing a piano with a stringed instrument.

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Post image for In Light of the Newest One, a Brief History of Mona Lisa Theories

It seems the Mona Lisa will never fail to inspire research and lead to discoveries that, though questionable, will never fail to grab headlines and cause every Leonardo expert in the world to weigh in on the matter and inevitably butt heads with each other.

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Post image for Leonardo da Vinci Designed a Refrigerator

When Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t painting portraits of medieval Italy’s nobility, he was figuring out how to keep their drinks cold.

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Post image for Possible New Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci Discovered

Now, we may have another portrait to fill out our image of Leonardo.

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Post image for In Twin Leonardo Shows, a Portrait of Singapore Emerges

SINGAPORE — This is a tale of two Leonardos — or rather one possible Leonardo and one definite da Vinci.

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Post image for Fooling Around With Art History, on Lunch Break

When most people are bored at work, they surf Facebook. Not so with Francesco Fragomeni and Chris Limbrick, two employees at the website creation startup Squarespace who funneled their creative energy into photographic homages to the art historical canon.

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The Original Renaissance Man and His Brain

by John Seed on December 10, 2014

Post image for The Original Renaissance Man and His Brain

LOS ANGELES — As he raced against cancer to finish his fourth and final book, Leonardo’s Brain, author/inventor/surgeon Leonard Shlain was motivated by the possibility that his manuscript-in-progress might help answer a very vital question: How can mankind achieve a more creative and peaceful future?

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Post image for Citing Dubious Flora, Scholar Casts Doubt on National Gallery’s Prized Leonardo Painting

New research suggests that Leonardo da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks” at the National Gallery — one of the British museum’s most prized possessions — might not be the work of the master after all, the Guardian reported.

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Post image for Supposedly Hidden from Hitler for Its Supernatural Powers, da Vinci Goes on Rare Public View

Gradually disappearing beneath a mottle of foxing and fading, a 1512 red chalk drawing believed to be a self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci is on rare public view in Italy.

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