Leonardo DaVinci

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What would the Renaissance be without its mysteries and tantalizing gossip? In the spirit of Georgio Vasari’s original Renaissance tabloid, The Lives of the Artist, we’ve compiled a list of the latest controversies, headlines and other voci (rumors), as the Italians say, in Renaissance art.

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Artist Pads We’d Like To Hang Out In

by Kyle Chayka on November 2, 2010

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With the news of Jeff Koons new mansion rising on the Upper East Side comes the tantalizing thought of what it would be like to hang out in some other superstar artists’ homes. Studios are cool and all, but the real fun would come with the art-installation living rooms and the nursery that looks more like a biomorphic amusement park. The possibilities are endless, though we wouldn’t want to be stuck at a Richard Serra tea party.

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