Post image for BuzzFeed Acquires Hyperallergic, Critical Pivot for Future of Art Blogs

OMG, we have exciting news today: Hyperallergic has been acquired by bleeding-edge media company BuzzFeed for an undisclosed amount.

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Post image for Emojis May Be Going Multiculti, but What About Art?

Here at Hyperallergic, we’ve discussed — and griped about — the limited menu of emoji on smartphones but now there’s word that Apple may expand the usual emoji suspects with more racial diversity to reflect a more inclusive reality. But can I suggest a few others?

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Post image for ‘Portlandia’ Lampoons Anti-Corporate Student Art

Ronald McDonald + Something Violent and Crazy (Like Money) = SHOCK

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Post image for 5 Ephemeral Internet Pages That Wink at Ubiquitous Popular Culture Figures and Tropes in a Way That Will Surely Amuse You and For a Moment Alleviate Your Crushing Alienation

If the title doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about this post … well, then we can’t help you …

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Post image for Generate Exhibition Titles with the Click of a Button

I was extremely pleased this afternoon when Museum Nerd tweeted the Lazy Curator Random Exhibition Title Generator. Conceived by Rebecca Uchill and programmed by Ben Guaraldi, the site, well, generates amazing exhibition titles at the click of a button.

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Reading List

by Rose Arthur on December 1, 2013

Post image for Reading List

Vito Acconci is an underrated poet.
Gilbert Adair is well worth reading.
Rachel Adams is well worth reading.
Etel Adnan is an underrated poet.

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Post image for Sacklers Endow Sackler Center Sackler Family Curator

Everything Sackler changes, and everything Sackler stays the same.

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Post image for These Are the Best GIFs on the Internet Right Now

Do you lie awake at night, sweating bullets, crippled by an unshakable insecurity, a sinister hunch crowding your mind, a sour soupçon that perhaps you are not viewing the “right” GIFs on the internet? Fear not.

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Post image for James Turrell or Looney Tunes?

Maybe Turrell is an appropriationist at heart?

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Post image for I Will Not Fall in Love With the New Gallery Assistant

How is this possible? I had every intention of turning off my “sexy radar” and avoiding another love crisis. Especially after the last gallery assistant made such a show of her capriciousness. But what am I to do? The heart wants what the heart wants and my heart is no different than anyone else’s heart in as much as it wants what it wants too, only a good deal more so.

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