Post image for A Show About Delacroix’s Influence Is Sorely Missing His Work

LONDON — Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art suffers from too few of Delacroix’s works and far too much of the “modern art.”

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Post image for Activists Strap Artist-Made Pollution Masks on London’s Statues

From Buckingham Palace’s white marble Queen Victoria to the famous aluminum Eros in Piccadilly Circus, high-profile statues of historical and mythical figures across London have become central participants in an air pollution protest.

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Post image for Lee Miller’s Photographs Frame the Women of World War II

LONDON — A Lee Miller photograph often tells more than one story.

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Post image for The Webcam of an 18th-Century Philosopher’s Skeleton

LONDON — Presiding over a busy University College London corridor is a man who’s been dead for over 180 years.

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Post image for Damien Hirst Is Building a Batcave Beneath His Historic London Mansion

Damien “World’s Richest Living Artist” Hirst is expanding his historic home facing London’s tony Regent’s Park, though you won’t notice much of a change at street level.

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Post image for Fledgling Galleries Flock to London for a Month of Collaborative Shows

LONDON — For four weeks, eight of London’s youngest galleries are hosting 15 like-minded spaces from around the world as part of CONDO, a collaborative project that’s been proven to be very successful with the public.

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Post image for Secret Skulls Found in a Victorian Painting of a 16th-Century Magician

A ring of human skulls originally circled 16th-century magician John Dee in a painting by the English artist Henry Gillard Glindoni.

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Post image for Reassembling the Lost Library of a 16th-Century Magician Who Spoke to Angels

Scholar, Courtier, Magician: The Lost Library of John Dee opens today at the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in London.

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Post image for The Radical Discos of 1960s Italy and Architectural Innovation

LONDON — Although Radical Design was short-lived, its conceptual outcome had far-reaching implications, and the issues raised by the movement have preoccupied successive generations of architects and designers.

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Marveling at Goya’s Haunting Portraits

by Olivia McEwan on December 30, 2015

Post image for Marveling at Goya’s Haunting Portraits

LONDON — When was the last time you saw a survey of one artist that could dispel completely the need for filler?

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